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Wynk is a music streaming app for smartphone users of today. It was launched in September 2015 by Wynk Limited, a subsidiary owned and operated by the service provider Airtel. Wynk streams thousands of local, regional and international songs.

Wynk has a simple, easy looking UI. The menu is tucked away niftily in a sidebar which can be brought up promptly by touching the hamburger on the top left corner. The menu consists of Home, My Music (which includes all your songs – that is, the downloaded and your offline outside-app ones), Local Mp3 Songs (which is redundant with the previous option), Wynk Direct (which lets you connect with friends and share songs through the app itself, which is ingenious, but it’s still in Beta version), Languages to select (which should have been placed in the Settings screen) and finally, Settings.

The sidebar’s sticky is incomplete; once we travel through a search, find an album and reach our song, we need to execute three whole back presses to be able to access the menu again. This is quite troublesome once you start using the app.

Streaming and Download

Wynk, like all other music streaming apps today, won’t let you download songs offline unless you have a premium plan. Wynk has a Premium Monthly for Rs 99 Rs 49 and a Premium Annual plan for Rs 1188 Rs 349 for Airtel users. Both have unlimited streaming and download provisions.

I am an Airtel user, so I can freely avail the monthly plan until my recharge plan ends. Any Airtel user can do so by signing in with their Airtel number. I have unlimited music streaming, but only 0.8 GB of downloads, not unlimited like they promised. But it’s still a lot, so I’m not complaining. Also, it’s not ad-free either, like it should be. I too get the occasional ads like normal users do.


The profile page is pretty empty in the app, asking only for your name/nickname and your photo. The Music Preferences page lets you modify your languages (again, redundant!). Also, it lets you choose the streaming and download quality for your music, something I have never been able to admire. But probably, it is useful for those people with fluctuating internet speeds?

The Settings page lets you choose the language of the app between English and Hindi (Beta version). It lets you choose the folder(s) to search for your local mp3 songs. Under playback behavior, we have another nifty feature, probably the best one in the app – the selection for on click behavior. That is, when you click on a song, it lets you choose to play it or add it to queue.

The Wynk player has a well defined layout. It has all the options like download, add to playlist, like, share that you’d expect. Also, the get info option which lets you directly access the album, singer, label etc., details. It lets you seamlessly shift to the current queue and back. The player obviously has shuffle songs option and the repeat option is a 3 choice one – repeat a song, repeat the entire queue and repeat a list when present.

Other features

Wynk app has another feature called Save Data, which can be turned on or off. This optimizes data usage so you can have a high-quality experience with minimal cost. In the same way, you can optimize sound quality, which will be useful when you’re using earphones.

Another very useful feature in Wynk app is that you can schedule downloads for a later time when wifi/data is available. The app maintains a list and downloads these songs over a stable wifi. The downloads are listed separately where they can be started, resumed and managed with ease.

If we don’t want to avail the premium plans, we can also purchase songs for low costs on the app. This lets us own songs and listen to them offline. Purchased songs show up in My Music too under a separate tab called My Purchased.

  1. Good song collection
  2. Cheap pricing
  3. Curated playlists
  4. Efficient search
  5. Ease of discovering music
  1. Not so seamless UI
  2. Complicated usage quotas for non-Airtel users
  3. Web view requires compulsory login
  4. Better looking apps available
  5. Redundant menu options, gives unprofessional feeling

Wynk is a really good music listening app for today’s generation of music lovers. It is giving its competitors a run for their money. It’s cheap and appealing to use; it has been quoted more than once as the best app in the market.

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Technology that truly dominates future




The things (learning)that will truly dominates the future of tomorrow are increasing day by day as technology is improving.

And in near future it will greatly affect and immense growth of world.

Some of major things are discussed with brief study-

Various types of technology will be introduce in near future and affect the living of ours

Driverless cars:

It type of car which driven without much human interference and works on basis of navigation.

Many Car makers like Volvo, Tesla and BMW, various autonomous vehicles can form the longer term of driving and their producing strategy.

And with such a large amount of makers finance in driverless cars, they might air the road ahead of you’re thinking that.

Working- Equip standard cars with measuring instrument CALLED LIDAR sensors — “light detection and ranging” devices that live distances victimisation pulses of sunshine — and as company staff drive these cars on native roads,

these costly devices collect the knowledge required to make the map.

Once the map is complete, cars will use it to navigate the roads on their own.

Way of Use of information-

Sometimes, engineers can write specific rules that outline however a automobile ought to respond in a very specific state of affairs,
But a team of engineers cannot ever write rules for each state of affairs a automobile or vehicle might encounter,company place confidence or rely in “machine learning” systems which will learn behavior with help analyzing large amounts of information or data available describing the city roadways.


5G is that the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications. It succeeds the 4G (LTE/WiMax), 3G (UMTS) and 2G (GSM) systems.

5G performance targets embody high rate, reduced latency, energy saving, price reduction, higher system capability and large device property.

Web has the potential to be nearly ten times quicker than 4G, creating it even higher than most home web services. Consequently, it’s the potential to revolutionize however shoppers use web and the way developers place confidence in apps and streaming content.

First countries deploying 5G network are- US AND Qatar.

A variety of operators have declared 5G trials and network launches.

Ooredoo, an oversized mobile network operator in Qatar, launched the primary business 5G network within the world as of might 2018 in three.5 GHz band.

Artificial intelligence-

Sometimes called as machine language.

  • Artificial intelligence is outlined as device that perceives its setting and takes actions that maximize its likelihood of with success achieving its goals a bit like in natural intelligence human and animal gather data.
  • The traditional issues of AI analysis embody reasoning, information illustration, planning, learning, language process, perception and also the ability to maneuver and manipulate objects.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), mostly manifesting through machine learning algorithms, isn’t simply recovering. It isn’t simply obtaining a lot of funding.
  • There is no established unifying theory or paradigm that guides AI analysis. Researchers disagree concerning several problems.
Machine learning-

It is defined as category of algorithm that uses software to make more predictable outcomes.

Machine learning is Associate in Nursing application of computing (AI) that gives systems the flexibility to mechanically learn and improve from expertise while not being expressly programmed.

Machine learning focuses on the event of laptop programs which will access information and use it learn for themselves.

Companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft serving to businesses method massive information by building Machine Learning Apis in order that organizations will create the most effective use of the machine learning technology.

Machine Learning is that the massive frontier in massive information innovation however it’s intimidating for folks that don’t seem to be technical school geeks or information science domain consultants

  • Developers will think about querying predictions by integration Machine Learning Apis into their applications.
  • Developers will track events on their applications to gather usage information.
Applications of Machine Learning from Day-to-Day Life-
  • Videos Surveillance
  • Virtual Personal Assistants
  • Email Spam and Malware Filtering
  • Online Customer Support

Company using machine learning are- some of them are social sites


Today, machine learning touches nearly each side of Pinterest’s business operations,

from spam moderation and content discovery to advertising substantiation and reducing churn of email account subscribers.


it’s one among the foremost exciting aspects of the world’s largest social media platform,not the sole application of machine learning that Facebook is fascinated by.

AI applications area unit getting used at Facebook to strain spam and poor-quality content,


Twitter has been at middle varied of diverse controversies Twitter’s AI evaluates every tweet in real time

and “scores” them per various metrics.

Ultimately, Twitter’s algorithms then show tweets that area unit possible to drive foremost engagement.

determined on personal basis;

Twitter’s machine learning technical school makes those choices supported your individual preferences,

more than half of one mile of companies in Asian nation ar expected to form moderate to in

depth investments in AI connected technologies over subsequent 3 years.

India doesn’t face a threat of losing its edge over different countries with the increase of

recent rising technologies like AI (AI) and machine learning (ML),

Tiger Tyagarajan, chief executive officer Associate in Nursingd president of Genpact told ET in an interview.

He same the chance size for Asian nation has solely raised given the large technology talent pool offered.

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Technology driving Dairy industry




As of now there is a large increase in no. of dairy in india ,and the business is having a boom in country like india,and according to latest research it is found that uttar pradesh has large milk production in india,and punjab has best dairy technology to enhance growth of dairy industry ,the article mainly deals with the technology advancement in dairy technology.

First question arises when we say dairy farming. what is it ?

Dairy farming is a sub type of  activities related to agriculture for long-term production of milk, which is processed (either at farm and plant,one of them may be called as dairy) as per demand for selling as a dairy product.

Second question that arise is-

What is dairy farm management?

As we see high rise in dairy production with development of technology due to increase in demand thus production is affected.

If the changes are made in industry it affect Dairy, Cattle Health and Welfare and Consumers as the production will be more .Intense changes in the dairy industry in previous years have benefited the health and welfare of dairy cows, as well the consumer or buyer for product.


We generally define it as a course which focus on dairy products and technology advancement  and is a part of the food  and processing technology industry.

Students pursuing the mentioned course named dairy technology get to know about milk processing as well the manufacturing process of by-products.

It include quality control when  processing the products. Students are also involved in gaining technical knowledge about dairy processing equipment and production.

dairy technology course  includes analysis by students production units such as  dairy plants ,ice cream units.  course focuses on  an important aspect of dairy technology.


  1. The dairy industry in the world has gone a deep and supreme change in production.
  2. In this post, we have presentation on summary of
  3. some of the most important recent changes in the dairy industry that intensely affect the health and
  4. welfare of dairy cows and cattle, as well changes associated with its science.
  5. Number of farms has decreased by large amount,
  6. whereas herd size has increased as now the storing capacities of farm is increased.
  7. Average milk produce per cattle has intensely increased,
  8. this  because of improvements in diet and that affect nutrition and management,
  9. also because of genetic selection for milk production means of cross breeding technique.
  10.  new technologies adopted tHat are-
  • Automated calf feeders
  • Cow activity monitors
  • Automated milking machine

is accelerating the production of milk.

It expected that changes in the dairy industry will  further make it prominent and additional  technologies and different management techniques will be adopted in near future.

Dairy Focus: Technology Drives  Progress

Precision dairy farming a name given to this technology that  help in measurement and analyzes the physiological,  production indicators in individual animals.

Some of them are as follows-

  • Automated calf-
In this everything is automatic the feeders provide nutrition in time,
by adjusting for the calves’ age and helps cow to eat . With help of computer technology the farmer recieve the report of every cow or cattle.
Because of precise food delivery it helps cows o remain healthy as automated feeder help in this, that means the farmers can use maximum of time in keeping the eye on cows and that will help to meet their needsImage result for dairy latest tech
  • Milk yield-
  • Data recording systems provide  data of individual animal including the amount of milk produced at each cattle, also define statistics of milk produced and protein diet taken. By analzing the data farmer can before hand take action if there is any decline or
  • increase in health that will affect milk production,
  • giving caretakers an opportunity to detect issuesthat otherwise might not be apparent.
  • Automated milking machine has reduced the cost of labor required to milk cows.
  • The cows roam around and cme to the the milk boothing units when they want to give or produce milk. Computer-controlled system identifies each of cow and sanitizes the udder, and gently collects the milk  on the container through pipes attached to vaccum and releases the cow  milking is performed.
  • Activity monitors used are –
  • Rumination collars that detect any non normal activity changes, which are early signs of illness or infection in the cattle and need medical care. Also allow for fast treatment. Monitoring activity through devices that are pedometers  which helps tracking  activity of cattle

and can also detect when cow is ready for breeding and

going into labor so the farmer can engage timely assistance.

  • Gadgets such as Computer, tablet and phone application and
  • programs helps in greater collection of data that help farmer in decision making techniques.

Consumers  also benefited for addition in Technology arrangement  dairy farming,

which would increase assure the consumer the milk produce is of high quality and tested for safe parameter

Why Precision dairy farming enhances farmers’ ability to provide better cow comfort, improves animal well-being and promotes less antibiotic use. As new innovations become affordable,

Dairy farmers are Using and adopt to new and latest trending technologies that will help them

to fulfill the global consumer needs and their aim of feeding with milk the world population.

Technology in dairy sector is creatin intense helpin producing high yields o milk product  and it is also helping cows in improving health. It may be boosting the production of milk or monitoring the cattle o

the herds by using the digital trends .

Our dairy farmers are making a great business throughout the world by use of dairy technology.

Image result for dairy latest tech

Latest Technology introduced in field are-

  • Drone Technology: The  Drone technology in dairy sector is rising these ease the monitoring of herd of cattle easily and efficiently.
  • Face recognition technology for cows: now tecnology has came that will recgnise cattle by its face and farmer dont have to do any labour for finding cattle and

the herd are recgnise with the help of cameras with face recognition system.

  • Applications for selling milk: There are various application available for dairy farmers where they can sell milk and manage all of their data of business from milk produce,milk selled and income.
  • The Dairy App: For dairy related updates and news the technology
  • introduced for real time latest updates, The Dairy App perfect tool for monitoring and update. Also offers  information related to market  by giving the collection of data of Milk with global trade numbers.
  • For  dairy farmer it serves great knowledge to boost the business as well as production.


the india is having bumper business in milk ,plz comment for any question

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Top Android Games that you must checkout!



Top 10 best games on play store

Top 10 Best Games on Play Store

The google play store is getting some really awesome games every year.  As the addiction to gaming is increasing more and more companies and organizations are competing with their best to capture space in the android phones.

So, If you are thinking to download a really cool and awesome game to get goosebumps in your free time! Then below is the list of Top 10 best Games of that you must check out and its for sure that they will blow your mind.


It is the most downloaded and engaging game of the year 2018. If you really love action games then this one is definitely for you. It has multiple games modes and locations to choose from to unleash the devil inside you. This game is quite heavy and takes about 1.5 G.B. of storage. Although, PUBG lite is still on its way to line up on the app store still the main version is still a good choice to go for. You can check this article for the installation process of this game.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

It is one the best games available for free on the play store. There are multiple tasks for the players to perform. The levels in the game are quite interesting and get harder after crossing the basic levels. The graphics and the visual effects are up to the mark. You will have adventures feel always while playing this game. One of the classy strategic games you must check out.

Dead Trigger 2

Here comes the ultimate zombie shooter game which is just amazing. The game is loaded with cool levels with high-quality graphics and difficulty. Your thumbs will never be resting throughout the game and the overall experience will be great. It includes a good number of weapons and an interesting storyline that will keep you busy and stuck into the game.

Stickman Legends: Shadow of war

Earlier this game was paid but now its available for free and the game has successfully been able to make a solid impact on the audience. Stickman games are well known for their simple and interesting layout but this time its the same concept filled with lots of action and adventure. The reviews of the game also define a positive story that could be considered to download it once.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt racing games have always been on our phones because of the good quality racing experience. This time  Gameloft decided to take that user experience to the next level by launching this new version of the game. A huge collection of extreme supercars in collaboration with squeezy tracks make the user experience reach to the new level. In spite of the heavy size of the game, it does justice to the in play continuity.

Alto’s Odyssey

This game is also included in one of the coolest games of 2018. It is fully loaded with challenges and elements that make the game interesting. There are various interactive options included in the game like Zen mode, Photo mode to make you feel more connected towards the game. It is an editor’s choice on the google play store and ratings are above 4.7 and that simply means a great game.

Clash Royale

supercell has done it again after the clash of clans. Collecting cards and making a team with friends to win the trophies. Deadly play zone filled with lots of strategic action you never feel prepared for. Troops, spells, defenses, Prince, Knights, Baby dragons all these stuff compels you to be involved in the game and prepare for the war. It is a nice game to get installed.

Riptide GP series

if you are searching for a really cool water racing game then this one is for you. The amazing graphics and easy controls make it fun to explore. It is a paid game but is a full value to the money. There are also no ads as its a paid one. Thrill ride layouts, online multiplayer, challenge mode, transforming vehicles, split screen multiplayer are some of the major attractions of the game.

The room Series

The Room series is very famous in the mystery solving game category. the suspense in the game with the small clues to solve the mystery makes it very interesting and involving for the player. The dramatic audio which perfectly matches the scenes that differ from level to level gives the full feeling of a detective who will not turn off the phone until the mystery gets solved.

Shadow Fight 3

The game looks full of action from its name only and is the same. It is a top grosser in the app store an why not when the game is lass with 3D graphics, realistic physics, and some cool animation, anyone will love it. A huge number of levels and weapons with a solid storyline to give the proper feel of a shadow fighter.  It includes many fighting styles and abilities as well.

So, This was our list of Top 10 best Games to give a try on play store. Hope you have picked one of your choices.


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