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Windows 10 Hidden Tricks




Microsoft’s Windows OS isn’t any one thing. It arises from a patchwork of finely tuned features. Each individual feature is, in turn, the result of a team of dedicated engineers who create the best experience possible.

As it turns out, there are all sorts of tricks hidden beneath the surface of the sprawling beast that is Windows. All it takes is a little digging.

Here we present a list of 10 cool tips that will help you get a little bit more out of your Windows 10 experience.

1. Secret Start Menu :


If you’re a fan of that old-school  Start menu experience, you can still have it—sorta. If you right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner, it will prompt a textual jump menu with a number of familiar popular destinations . All these options are available through the standard menu interface, but you’ll be able to access them quicker through this textual interface.

2. Secret Desktop Button :


This desktop button actually dates back to Windows 7, but I embarrassingly only recently found out about it. On the bottom-right corner of your page, there’s a secret desktop button. Don’t see it? Look allll the way to the bottom and right, to the side of the date and time. There you’ll find a small little sliver of an invisible button. Click that and it will minimize all your open windows to clear the desktop. You can change the behavior of this in Settings, between having to click or just having to hover the mouse over the corner.

3.Rotate Your Screen via Keyboard Ctrl-Alt-D Arrows :


This tip won’t be useful to most of y’all, but you can rotate your screen by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + D and any of the arrow buttons. The down arrow will flip it upside down, the left or right arrow buttons will turn it 90 degrees on its side, and the up arrow will bring you back to standard orientation. If you use multiple displays, this feature allows you to orient just that display in a particular way.

4.Enable Slide to Shutdown :


This trick only works on Windows 10 as far as I can tell. It’s complicated and probably not worth the effort for what you get out of it, but here you go:

Right-click on the desktop > New > Shortcut. In the ensuing pop-up window, paste the following line of code:


This creates a clickable icon on your desktop, which you can feel free to rename to whatever you’d like. To shut down via slide-down, double-click on the new icon to prompt a pull-down shade. Then use your mouse to drag it down to the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind, this isn’t sleep, this is a shutdown.

5.Enable ‘God Mode’ :


Are you a power user who wants access to your PC’s nitty gritty? Then “God mode” is for you. Here’s how to access it:

Right-click on the desktop > New > Folder. Re-name the new folder with this bit of code:


To enter the “God Mode” window, double-click the folder and go nuts.

6.Right-Click on Tiles :


Want to personalize those tiles quick? Just right-click on them to prompt a pop-up menu. This menu will give you various options like the ability to un-pin from the Start menu, to resize the windows, or to turn that live tile off.

7. Right-Click on the Taskbar :


Here’s a handy menu that will allow you to quickly access a number of presets for the toolbars, Cortana, and window schemes. There’s a lot there, and it’s just a click away.

8. Shake :


This feature actually debuted in Windows 7, but I’ve found a lot of people don’t know about it or use it (but they should—it’s cool!). If you have a display full or windows, you can clear the clutter by grabbing the top of the window you do like and “shaking” it to minimize all the other windows. Suddenly having shaker’s remorse? Shake again and the windows will come back.

9. Drag to Pin Windows :


This feature was available as far back as Windows 7, but has some extras in 10. If you grab any window, and drag it to the side of the screen, it will “fit” to half the screen.

In Windows 10, you have the option of dragging the window to any corner of the screen to have the window take over that quarter of the screen. If you happen to be using multiple screens, you can drag to a border corner and wait for a prompt signal to let you know if the window will open in that corner.

You can prompt similar behavior by using the Windows key plus any of the directional arrow buttons.

10. Hidden Games in Cortana :


They’re not games in the “fun” sense as much as they’re cool little time-killers that Cortana can help you with. You can type (or say) “Rock Paper Scissors,” “Roll the Die,” or “Flip the Coin” in Cortana to have a fun(?) graphic gaming experience. For even more Cortana tips you can check out our roundup.

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This Week’s Top Stories About Laptop college students





In schools and colleges student gets the ample or hasty amount of homework and In addition to various types of a project such as ppt. , excel sheet that should be made also need to carry to an institution.

Because for this convenience laptop are made that make life simpler.

Thankfully because of our technical expert many hi-tech devices are being developed Nevertheless helps students to decide and consequently lighten the monetary burden on them.

The most effective laptops for school students can feature luxurious styles as a matter of fact than high Power and endless design.

Meanwhile maintaining an inexpensive value and purpose – So even in this foremost situation ample or great amount of school students will get stuff done quickly.

We know it’s exhausting to avoid wasting up money once you are learning, therefore the best laptops for school students would like the most effective processors and graphics. They should have feature what they need to urge the duty done – no frills hooked up in between work.


In the next few years, we aim to Increase Technology advances, however the correct tool worth the expenses and if it will assist you to earn that degree.

To eliminate a number of the frustration, we have listed high-end laptops for school students just below so you will be able to Buy one for yourself or your dear ones.

You should not limit to yourself to associate a work previously that became clunker to move further.

It is our duty to provide the best laptop at a cheaper price because a student can’t afford that much.

1.Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook-


  • Intel 5th generations and comes with Core i3 processor(2GHz clock speed )
  • Include 4GB capacity DDR3 RAM
  • Also 1TB capacity  HDD drive
  • Includes 15.6-inch HD screen and Intel High definition Graphics 5500
  • Ubuntu Linux OS package
  • HD (720pi) capable with a digital camera and microphone
  • Interfaces: USB 3 , 2 x USB 2.0, HDMI Port


The Inspiron series 15 3558  is highly-powered by Intel Core i3-5015U Processor (3M Cache, 2.10 GHz) and NVIDIA GeForce 920M 2GB DDR3 Video card.

That enables you to try everything you would like, Up to 4GB single channel memory and 1TB drive ensures you will not run out of space anymore.

Watch pictures and videos makes you comfortable by watching in 15.6 inch  HD (1366 x 768) Truelife LED-Backlit screen. With a lot of things that add up to enhance the experience of that five million pixels, it is straight forward to look at your favorite movies and shows on this convenient screen.

It includes external peripherals with 3 USB slots. Comes with 4.0 (Dual Band a pair of.4&5 GHz, 1×1) Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi that permits you to remain blocked in where you desire.

Moves with you

It comes with AN integrated  4 cell battery and which provides a minimum of eight hours of battery life at ideal usage condition.

On a daily basis, your portable computer is going to be impatient to travel.

Designed for the important world
The Dell Inspiron 15 3558 is tested for dependability and property.

The foremost normally used keys tested for ten million keystrokes and Therefore the bit pad buttons are tested for one million times with no failure.

2.Acer Aspire E5-573


  • Includes 2GHz i3  Intel Core processor
  • With DDR3 RAM that has a capacity of 4GB
  • 500GB HDD Serial ATA disk drive
  • 15.6-inch big screen, Intel High definition 5500 Graphics
  • Windows 8.1 software


Light-weight and TFT show

The new Acer shoot  E5-573 contains a sleek style, High-Definition show, powerful processor and a high-quality system.

Comes with 50 x 31.4 x 7.2 cm dimension and weights very light.

It is almost 4 kg , The portable computer is simple to hold on where you go.

Comes with a 15.6-inch screen and  LED Backlit, TFT, Liquid crystal show( LCD)/digital display/alphanumeric display which boosts your viewing expertise by decreasing strain on your eyes even in low light.

Flawless Performance
Loaded with Intel Core i3 processor with clock speed of 2GHz, RAM of 4GB, This portable computer not only solely well-suited for significant multitasking however conjointly optimizes power usage mechanically.

A portable computer operates on 8.1 windows operating system(OS), so you get a portable computer that is additionally responsive and economical in completing tasks.

It co-jointly has an enclosed disc drive of a capability  500 GB storage that stores all of your necessary data.

Long Battery back-up and different unimaginable options
The portable computer comes backed with a 4-cell removable battery that offers power backup of five hours.

Currently you will be able to use its services like playing games, surf the web and hear/listening music with none of  interruptions.

Moreover, this portable computer comes with an Integral stereophonic system to produce exceptional sound with bigger tonal accuracy.

3.Lenovo G50(i5) –


  • Intel Core i5 Processor (fifth generation)
  • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • DOS(Disk operating system)
  • 1 TB capacity HDD
  • 15.6 inch HD display


Lenovo G50-80  portable computer comes with following specifications- (Core i5 (fifth Gen)/8 GB ram/1 TB HDD/DOS/2 GB graphics) ,Portable computer incorporates a platform for your daily desires.

This portable computer supercharged by a processor.

Not only 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD storage add its value, But other things in addition is graphics.

In a way that the graphics card of the notebook has a

graphics to manage the graphical functions.

To make it extraordinary, it’s battery and weighs are added as a revolutionary gift.


HD Widescreen show
Call your friends home to observe the complete Star Wars film series in  detail on this notebook That comes with 39.6 cm HD flat show display and resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

Multitouch Touchpad & AccuType Keyboard

Convenience is here when we use straightforward hand gestures on the multitouch touchpad to zoom, rotate or switch between apps. The island-style AccuType keyboard has technology keys that made easy to create writing fluid and cozy.

Battery-Saving Technology
Lenovo’s Energy Management technology ensures that this notebook never dies 4-cell battery operates optimally for an extended time.

It additionally ensures that you simply use a laptop, computer for extended periods with inbetween charges.

Simple Maintenance

Security safeguard is OneKey Recovery feature of this notebook and will quickly get over technical difficulties, therefore the effects of bound viruses reduces to an extent.

Ample Storage
Store various episodes from comedy shows, games, music and documents on the  HDD of 1TB.

Thanks hope everyone likes it

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Microsoft HoloLens – The Holographic Computer Headset



HoloLens by Microsoft

1) HoloLens is basically a holographic computer built into a headset that lets you see, hear, and interact with holograms within an environment. Microsoft built the headset without the need to be wirelessly connected to a PC, and has used high-definition lenses and sound technology to create that immersive, interactive holographic experience. The HoloLens comes with semi-transparent holographic lenses which ‘generate multi-dimensional full-color holograms’. That means it’s not going to be project  images into a room that everyone can see. Basically HoloLens is a high-tech computer system that can be wear and works according to our gestures with hands, eyes, etc.

Augmented reality(AR) is the mixture of virtual reality(VR) and real life, as developers can create images within applications that blend in with the contents in the real world. With AR, users are able to interact with virtual contents in the real world, and are able to differentiate between the two.

 Invented by Alex Kipman and team.

This is the first holographic computer which is running on Windows 10. It is completely unattached as no wires, phones or computers needed, it is a computer itself. The premier device for Windows Holographic, Microsoft HoloLens is  smart-glasses headset that is cordless, self-contained Windows 10 computer. It uses various sensors, a high-definition stereoscopic 3D optical head-mounted display, and spatial sound to allow AR applications, with a natural user interface that the user interacts with through gaze, voice, and hand gestures. It has Codenamed as “Project Baraboo”. HoloLens has been in development for five years.

1.1 Holographic Technology used :

Holography is a diffraction-based coherent imaging technique in which a complex 3D object can be reproduced from a flat, two-dimensional (2D) screen with a complex transparency which represent amplitude and phase values. It is commonly agreed that real-time holography is the plus ultra art and science of visualizing fast temporally changing 3-D scenes. The integration of the real-time or electro-holographic principle into display technology is best for display.

1.2 How it works :

Microsoft HoloLens has user interface which takes voice, gaze and gestures as input command. Internal computer works on input command. For Projection of hologram, for projection HoloLens use the HUE (head up display) method in which there are 2 Nano projectors are there at each side of head and semitransparent visor which reflect the image as light on users eye. Microsoft explains the holographic element in this way as:

“The key to great holographic experience holograms that are light point rich, i.e. have a high holographic density, and are pinned or anchored to the world around you.”

It is introduce with operating systems, such as Android, iOS and OS X on 5 April 2016.

1.3 It has a major six parts those are

                         Computer, Camera

Lenses, Vent, Sensor, Buttons.

About Camera

The project HoloLens depth camera has a field of vision that spans 120 by 120 degree, there is one 2 megapixel camera for recording videos and  capturing images.

✓ HoloLens is not just a visor connected to a Computer; it is a computer on its own. HoloLens contain Central processing Unit , battery, GPU(graphical processing Unit) and first of its kind HPU (holographic processing unit) which is made by Microsoft itself . There are total 18 sensors fitted the brain of the device with terabyte of data every second.

 ✓ Lenses used –

Microsoft HoloLens has two displays. They are transparent so that User can see the actual world behind virtual object. To create project HoloLens image, light Particles bounce around millions of times in the so called light engine of the device. Then the photons enter the two lenses (one for each eye) and form images on lens

✓ Ventilation used –

The device is more powerful than a laptop but won’t overheat- warm air flows to the sides. They are used to cool the lens.

✓ Sensor used

Sensor track where the user are looking and adjust the display. Motion sensor detects user movement and gesture. The sensor can also see user hands, the hands are an input system: user can interact with whatever he sees by just touching it. User also gives gesture as input sensor enables the tracking of user movement.

✓ HoloLens has button, the right side buttons allow user to adjust the volume and to control the contrast of the hologram. There is on button for On/Off.

1.4 Specifications of HoloLens :-

1 IMU processor.
4 Environment understanding cameras to capture the environment.
1 Depth camera
1 2MP photo / HD video camera
Mixed reality capture
4 microphones used
1 light sensor for sensing.

  • Built-in speakers with best surrounding effects.
  • Audio 3.5mm jack for Headphones.
  • Volume up/down buttons
  • Brightness up/down buttons
  • Power button to on/off
  • Battery status LEDs
  • support of Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • support of Micro USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth 4.1 LE enabled
  • Battery Life : 2-3 hours of active use
    (Used Up to 2 weeks of standby time)
  • Processor : Intel 32 bit architecture with TPM 2.0 support
  • Custom-built Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU 1.0)
  • HoloLens weight is about
  • It comes with memory of

64GB Flash Memory

The future is full of tech and outstanding Gadgets, stay connected.

Google Glass – A Wearable and Smart Glass Like A Smart Phone , Taking Technology To Next Level

iPhone camera app: Tips and tricks need to know

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Upcoming Technologies One Should Know.



Upcoming Tech

Upcoming Useful Tech :-

Science has come too far in the last few years. Science have achieved great accomplishment in Robotics and Space Travel. We have listed some upcoming Useful Tech which can change our world.

(1) Cicret Bracelet :- with this bracelet, you can do whatever you want on your arm. It mirrors your phone screen on your hand. It is water resistant as well. Company has already created a working prototype. So it is ready to hit the world soon.

(2) Nano Technology :- Nanotechnology is going to play a key role in the future. We can create many different things by using it. Some of these are wearables technology and human decease healer. It can even heal cancer tumor in the future.

(3) 3D Printing :- it is like creating identical pieces. Before some months, Doctors have successfully replaced a human part with a printed part with all the capabilities. It can be the reason for the immortality which every human wants. This technology can be used in many fields like making 3D models of car parts making machines parts etc.

(4) Artificial intelligence :- it is a well known technology. Everybody has watched movies like the iron Man and minority report. It’s the Technology behind iron Man’s Jarvis. So we all know what it can do. Aren’t we ?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machine to solve problems better than human which human can’t do.

(5) Time Travel :- it’s the most Controversial topic ever. People says “it’s not possible” but in other hand, Science says “Yes, it is !”. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity explains how it is possible. So maybe in the future we can travel through the time.

(6) Virtual Reality :- Virtual reality can be defined as an upcoming technology that makes users feel in a Virtual Environment by using computer hardware and software. It was originally conceived as a digitally created space which humans could access by donning special computer equipments. It enables people to deal with information more easily. VR provides a different way to see and experience information, one that is dynamic and immediate. For example, in a computer game, user’s joystick motions are tracked and the objects in the game are moved according to the joystick movements. In the same way a simulated, three-dimensional world is created around the user in which he/she could interact with objects, people, and environments.

(7) Augmented reality :- Augmented reality is the technology that expands our physical world, adding layers of digital information onto it. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR does not create the whole artificial environments to replace real with virtual one. AR appears in direct view of an existing environment and adds sounds, videos, graphics to it.

(8) Machine Learning :- Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

  • Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

The ability to “learn” with data, without being explicitly programmed.

(9) Supercomputer :-

Some scientist problem are so huge and complex that an ordinary home computer might take years to solve them. For intricate problem, such as weather forecasting,we need more powerful computer that work a different way. Some of them have tens of thousands of processor all working on a problem at once.
Supercomputer are very helpful and can solve big problems and do calculation faster.

(10) Robotics :-

Invertors have dreamed up machines that can do almost anything, from playing chess to exploring mars. But there is no single robot that can do everything- yet.

Some parts of mechanical and parts of electronics robots are automated machine that clank, scuttle, and whiz around doing dirty and dangerous jobs that people prefer not to. Robots sniff out bombs and drag survivor from earthquake.

(11) Internet of things :-

Today more than half of the world is connected to internet and IoT play a very important role to connect the daily need equipment or appliances to connect with internet and make them work.

It is the connection of networks of physical devices and apliances.
IoT Main propose is to make everything remotely controlled.

Nowadays there are many IoT products are available on market like smart Speakers, smart lights, smart water purifier etc.

(12) Li-fi :-

It’s stands for light fidility.

It is a wireless communication between device using light for transfer data or information.
It is somehow similar to Wi-Fi. Radio frequency are used in WiFi for transmission.

Li-fi is fasters than WiFi because it’s has higher bandwidth and high transmission speed.

(13) Smart Speakers :-

A smart speaker is a wireless speaker and voice command device which have a integrated virtual assistant (artificial intelligence) that offers interactive actions and handsfree activities. Some of them can also act as a smart device that utilizes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wireless protocol standards to extend usage beyond audio playback.

Microsoft HoloLens – The Holographic Computer Headset

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