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Do you have your own website? Have you ever hosted a website? Web hosting means to post a website on the internet. Different web hosting service providers provide the technology to publish websites on the internet. All websites as we know are stored on servers of different kinds, personal or public.

A domain should be purchased for your website. Some hosting services provide you custom domains, email addresses with the same name(s) along with your website hosting. Let us look at a few web hosting services and the different facilities they’re providing.




It is a popular web hosting provider; you must have seen its ad on the TV at some point. It has a 1-click setup, an easy-to-use control panel and 24/7 security.

  • Starter website for 99/month
  • Economy website for 199/month
  • Deluxe website for 309/month
  • Ultimate website for 549/month

They are offering a 45-55% sale on all the above plans. They provide server plans for two different OS Linux and Windows. The site even suggests which to use for what type of websites.

All plans offer a free domain for your website with an annual plan, except the Starter plan. The Deluxe and Ultimate plans provide unlimited number of websites and disk space. Also included are unmetered monthly bandwidth, direct database access, and DNS management.

The site also provides unlimited external domains and alias domains. It provides SSL certification too with its Ultimate plan. They have 24/7 hosting expert support and facilities for scheduled tasks. Other features include fraud, virus and spam protection, and email privacy and protection.

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This hosting service has been providing web-presence solutions for 8 years now. Its main features include a 99.9% uptime and highly redundant architecture.

  1. Linux Advanced plan starting from 179/month
  2. Windows Premium plan starting from 299/month

These plans can last up to 10 years with different starting prices and renewals. They are offering a starter price with basic facilities and a 30 day money back guarantee. Other features include a dedicated support team and compatibility of different programming languages.

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It is one of the largest web hosting services. It has an easy to use site builder, good payment plans and unlimited email accounts as add-ons. No extra setup fee or other catches, and above all, doesn’t require a contract.

  • Web hosting for 222/month
  • VPS hosting for 1495/month
  • Windows hosting for 315/month
  • Your own web hosting business for 1125/month

Hostgator is currently offering a 20-30% discount with the coupon code “SUNSHINE”. Also, it is offering a 45 day money back guarantee.

They have promised unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This means no limits set preliminarily. Also, you don’t have to worry about exceeding their expectational limits either. They have also promised unlimited data transfer until user reaches a certain usage limit.

Their other features include custom firewall and security rulesets for protection from hackers. With a 24/7/365 support availability, they also provide users with SEO tips and videos. Lastly, it also includes a malware scanner and Google Blacklisting.

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Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja is one of India’s leading web hosting service providers. They are involved in hosting solutions for shared hosting and Web Hosting. The main features provided include a standard free domain name and cache optimization.

  • Unlimited for 299/month
  • Premium SME for 420/month
  • Premium Corporate for 525/month

For smaller companies, low cost website hosting is provided.

  • Gold for 199/month
  • Silver for 139/month
  • Starter for 99/month

Other features include JC/CSS compression for faster loading, inbuilt cache, faster static content and dynamic file storage. It has a built-in anti-DDoS and an optimized keepalive time out.

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Starting in 2006, it is a relatively new hosting service provider. Its most striking feature is a drag and drop website builder. Also, it has a stellar uptime and easy site security.

  • Starter for $3.95/month
  • Business for $3.95/month
  • Business Pro for $12.95/month

HostPapa provides transferring your web hosting with free domain transfer and migration assistance. Other features include secure and reliable email, certified green hosting. A 24/7/265 PapaSquad support is always available. Also, as mentioned earlier, certified green hosting is provided.

Look at some customer reviews–



It is one of the biggest hosting services around. Any web developer worth his salt would know this name. Its main features include a 15 year CNET certification with A+ rating and its commitment to open source.

  • WordPress hosting for $6.99/month
  • Reseller hosting for $13.99/month
  • VPS hosting for $19.99/month
  • Business hosting for $2.95/month

Other features include free SSDs, 1-click installation with 400+ applications, free cPanel for easy server management, premium bandwidth provision and advanced DDos protection, along with advanced Smart Routing™ technology.

Look at customer reviews–

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    How To Build A Vehicle Tracking System : GPS Enabled



    Tracking System

    Vehicle Tracking System : GPS Enabled

    The industry which is the first to implement a vehicle tracking systems is shipping industry, because they needed to monitor their trucks position at real time or they can track every checkpoints traveled by the tracks.

    Now the Question arrives that how a GPS Vehicle Tracking System Works, Lets Know about the working of the system.

    GPS (Global Positioning System) uses the Global Navigation Satellite System network (GNSS) to get data about the time, location, and its vehicle speed. The Global Navigation Satellite System network includes various satellites which transmit information to GPS gizmos by using microwave signals.

    GPS based vehicle tracking system easily track locations of multiple vehicles in a real time.

    It consists of a GPS device installed in vehicle and a software which collects the data and information of vehicles locations on the screen. Apart from vehicle location GPS device can also send a real time data about vehicle’s condition and specific events which are set in the GPS device.

    Commonly tracked events in public transport are ignition (on/off), doors (open/closed) & vehicle’s speed.

    There are two ways for the GPS tracking system :
    1. Active tracking.
    2. Passive tracking.

    Active tracking – It is also known as 2-Way GPS or a real-time positioning. It records vehicle positions and sends the recorded data to a centralized database using a modem. This useful for commercial purposes because it allows checking object location in the exact time.

    Passive tracking – It records vehicle position in particular time points. Trilateration method allows calculating the location of  auto in time between recorded points. This type of tracking requires additional storage for recorded data, like a memory card or some internal memory.

    A GPS-based Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) uses a Global System for Mobile(GSM) modem and a Global Positioning System (GPS) module for vehicle location. These system also allows performing some car controlling actions such as starting an engine and locking/unlocking doors which is very useful.

     Hardware required for building a GPS Vehicle Tracking System :

      • An LCD : (Liquid Crystal Display) is the technology used for displays in notebook and other smaller computers.
      • A GPS module : The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a network of about 30 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,000 km.Once it has information on how far away at least three satellites are, your GPS receiver can pinpoint your location using a process called Trilateration.
      • A GSM module : A GSM modem requires a SIM card to be operated and operates over a network range subscribed by the network operator. It can be connected to a computer through serial, USB or Bluetooth connection. GSM modem is usually preferable to a GSM mobile phone. GSM modems supports services like Telecommunication services, data services, supplementary services.
      •  A relay circuit : Relay is a switch which controls (open and close) circuits Electro Mechanically. The main operation of this device is to make or break contact with the help of a signal without any human involvement in order to switch it ON or OFF automatically . It is basically used to control a high powered circuit using a low power signal.
      • A Micro-controller unit (MCU) :Microcontroller unit has a CPU (Central Processing Unit)  in addition to RAM, ROM and I/O ports.
    Best programming language:

    Various languages are best suitable for programming the MCU. Some of them are Assembly language and C. Software in Assembly has fast performing time & C software is easy enough to build a tracking system. It is necessary to design a web page or create a tracking application for monitoring vehicle location by entering longitude and latitude received by the MCU (Micro-controller unit) from a GPS receiver and displayed on a LCD.


    The web-based VTS consists of tracking devices placed on a car, a web application, and a central server system. Such system can be useful for shipping companies and organizations.

    • A GSM module
    • A GPS module
    • A micro controller unit (MCU)

    The software development VTS consists of:

    • GSM-GPS module;
    • Web application
    • Database;
    • Desktop application.

    Web design :

    On this stage web application goals are:
    • Browsing account information and data tracking by clients
    • Identifying tracking data from every device
    • Storage of tracking information
    • Displaying location

    Desktop application :

    The software application transmits commands to the GSM/GPS device. The device sends data and information to the application server through GPRS. Then, the application define a function and transmit data protocol.


    GPS tracking devices transmit a real time data to software via cellular (GSM) network. If there is  connection lost, data is stored in internal memory and transmitted when network becomes available. Modern vehicle tracking software easily allows to see and analyse data on desktop or laptop computers and Mobile devices.


    Productivity & Efficiency of the System:

    One of the advantages of GPS tracking systems is increased in transport related business. Ability to track commercial vehicles enables to inform customers about late delivery, changed delivery time or date in advance, predict delivery times. Tracking fuel consumption allows business to calculate exact travel costs, warn drivers about their driving style, selected routes. Many Vehicle rent company or cab services use tracking system like Ola cabs, Uber. Nowadays many  transportation companies uses tracking system.


    Electric vehicle change the automobile industry

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    Top 6 printer that really save your cost




    As we have moved towards younger generation, everything becoming or moving towards digital world.

    Maximum of things can be moved in phone storage / hard disk that we use in computer desktop,  Laptop that makes it easy to access from anywhere.

    But maximum of data still needed to be printed because there are very fewer people who are fully digitalized.

    If we take the education sector many things like books, notes, and question paper are still in paper form or hard copy so there is great demand for the printer as well.

    As our technology is growing we expect low-cost printing and many of low-cost printer will be introduced.

    I am listing some printer that had a boom in the market

    1.HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4535


    • Multifunction printer and comes with an option of print, copy, and scan.
    • Hp Deskjet is wireless printer means that print can be taken from any corner of a house if you prefer it for home purpose.
    • Comes with a print speed of 9.5 page per minute in black ink and 6.5 page per minute with color ink.
    • Generally comes with a function of automatic two-sided copying and printing that is duplex printing.
    • It comes with 5.5-inch touchscreen display function that makes printing easy.
    • A cartridge has a capacity of printing 150-180 pages with color ink and 480-500 pages with color ink and becomes economical because of low cost per page.
    • It is available eCommerce store at price of 9000.

    2.HP DeskJet 3835 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless


    • It comes with a feature that is mobile friendly printing. Smartphone & tablet can  easily connected.
    • Comes with features that are copy, print, scan and extra feature is a fax.2-12
    • It comes with wifi feature making printing easy and convenient.
    • Printing speed is 8.5 page per minute in a black cartridge and 6 ppm in color cartridges.
    • It can print up to 1000 pages at one-time refilling.
    • Comes with a 2.2-inch touchscreen panel for convenience in printing.
    • It comes with a feature of HP e-print.
    • Color fax is available with a limit of 100 pages in single use.
    • HP 680 ink cartridge is compatible with a capacity of up to 400 pages with black ink and 150 pages with a color ink cartridge.
    • Can be availed at any physical & online store at price of 6000 rs.

    3.Epson L380 Multi-Function InkTank Colour Printer 


    • First, an important feature is that it is an ink tank printer.3-10
    • It comes with three features that are print, copy and scan.
    • Print speed is 35 page per minute in black and 18 page per minute in color.
    • Bundled with a feature of one-touch copy and scanning.
    • It gives the lowest cost of printing that is 8 paise for black ink and 20 paise for color ink cartridge per page and hence very economical.
    • Can be availed in market & online store under 11000 rs.

    4.HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer with ADF


    • It comes with a feature of print, copy and scan and fax and inkjet technology.
    • It has a printing speed of up to 35 pages per minute.
    • Usually preferred for small business.4-10
    • It comes with HP capability.
    • Comes with a feature of wifi connectivity and auto wireless connectivity for easy and convenient printing.
    • Comes with touchscreen display of 2.7 inches for easy printing.
    • Has a duty cycle of 18000-20000 pages on a monthly basis.
    • Comes with feature that is USB slot in front side, automatic document feeder, easy printing from mobile device, duplex printing is well supported.
    • It is easily available at the price of 7000-8000 Rs.
    5.Canon E560 Multifunction Wireless Ink


    • It comes with a feature of print, copy and scan and fax.
    • It comes with wifi and USB for connectivity to a device.
    • Comes with a print volume of up to 400 pages.
    • Printing cost becomes economical, has a low-cost operation that is 800 pages and 400 pages from black and color cartridge.
    • Android & Apple device can be easily connected with printer for printing preferred document or picture directly from device.
    • Also comes with wireless connectivity through wifi and auto power on/off feature.
    • It supports easy and automatic 2 sided(duplex) printing.
    • Can be availed price under 7000rs from any physical or online store.
    • 6-2
    6.Epson L455


    • Comes with high-performance output capacity and economical printing solution.
    • Ultra low-cost printing with cartridges is offered by Epson L455 printer.
    • It comes with package containing 3 ink bottle of color ink and 1 ink bottle of black ink.
    • Efficiency of printing is up to 8500 pages from black ink and 4500-5000 from color ink bottle.
    • Easy printing through wifi is supported that can be accessed through phones and tablets.
    • Large display with touchscreen features and memory card supported that enables to print even without PC.
    • Comes with Eco tank with Large capacity of ink bottle.
    • Prints high-quality print and comes with easy duplex printing features that enable two-sided printing and saves paper.
    • Copy speed is 33 page per minute for black ink and 18 page per minute for color ink.
    • Can purchase from market at price of 9000 rs, be ready for economical printing.

    Thank you very much for reading the post, if you have any suggestion and question feel free to ask.

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    How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer



    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning :

    Machine learning engineering is a new field. It is the combination of  software engineering with Data Exploration.

    Skill you required for Machine Learning :

    Fundamentals of Computer Science. It includes
    data structures like stacks, queues, multi-dimensional arrays, trees, graphs.

    algorithms like searching, sorting, optimization, dynamic programming.

    Computability and Complexity like P , NP, NP-complete problems, big-O notation.

    Computer architecture includes memory, cache, bandwidth, deadlocks etc.

    1.) Data Modeling and Evaluation

    Data modeling is the process of estimating the structure for a given data set, with finding useful patterns correlations, clusters, eigen-vectors etc.

    2.) Apply Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries :

    Machine Learning algorithms are available using libraries/packages/API for example scikit-learn, Spark MLlib, Tensor Flow etc.

    3.) Learn Python Similar language. Python is currently the most popular language for machine learning applications, To become a machine learning engineer, you’ll need to know how to read, create, and edit code. But most of the Engineers use script languages like R, C, C++, Java JavaScript etc.

    4.) Online Data Exploration courses. Before you learn skills specific to machine learning, it’s important to have knowledge in data analysis. This includes statistics, which will help you understand data sets, and feature engineering, which will help you make data-based algorithms. Some online courses are as follow :

    • Intro to Descriptive Statistics : On Udacity,  –   To communicate information about data sets.

    • Intro to Inferential Statistics from Udacity, –  analyze data sets.

    • Getting and Cleaning Data : Johns Hopkins – University, obtain and optimize data sets.

    • Feature Engineering for Machine Learning : Udemy,

    –  how to process and manipulate data variables.

    5.) Complete online courses related to machine learning:

    Once you know how to code and understand the fundamental principles about data exploration, start  into the machine learning. This includes, creating algorithms, implementing neural networks, and designing machine learning systems. look for online courses :

    • Machine Learning from Stanford

    • Learning from Data  – Mathematical theory and algorithmic application.

    •  Practical Machine Learning by Johns Hopkins University, focused on data prediction

    • Deep Learning Specialization by Coursera, on creating neural networks

    6.) Get Certification or degree to help you in the Job:

     You can do the Certification from :

    √ Online nano-degrees in computer science and machine learning.

    √ A Certificate in Machine Learning from  University

    √ An Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate  from college

    √ A Certification of Professional Achievement  in Data Science.

    √ Machine Learning and Data Mining certification

    √ A Undergraduate or graduate degree in Computer Science or Engineering Field.

    Machine Learning on AWS

    At Amazon, they are investing deeply in artificial intelligence for over 20 years. Machine learning algorithms drive many of our internal systems. This is just the beginning. There mission is to share there learnings and ML capabilities as fully managed services, and put them into the hands of every developer and data scientist.

    1) Machine Learning for Everyone.

    2) Broad framework Support

    3) API driven ML services

    4) Secure

    5) Pay-as-you-go

    6) Deep platform integration


    Applications of Machine Learning from Day-to-Day Life are:
    • Virtual Personal Assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Now are some of the popular examples..
    • Videos Surveillance.
    • Email Spam and Malware Filtering.
    • Online Customer Support.
    • Social Media Services.
    • Product Recommendations.
    • Search Engine Result Refining.
    • AI Bots.
    How Does Machine Learning Work?

    For maximum value from big data, businesses must know exactly how to pair the right algorithm with a specified tool or Process and build machine learning models or flow based on iterative learning processes. Some of the important machine learning algorithms are :

    • Neural networks
    • Decision trees
    • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ).
    • Mapping of nearest neighbor
    • Supporting vector machines
    • Boosting and bagging gradient
    • Self organizing maps
    • Analysis of principal components

    Process used to use above mentioned Algorithms

    • Data exploration followed by visualization of model output
    • Data Quality and Management
    • Easy model deployment
    • Developing graphical user interface.
    • Creating process flows and building models
    • Comparing different machine learning models and identifying the best
    Application of MI –

    Today many industries that deal with huge volumes of data. They are using MI in there process and flow, some of the industries using MI are

    • Financial Services
    • Government
    • Gaming
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Transportation
    • Oil and Gas

    What are the Factors that Differentiate Deep Learning, Data Mining, and Machine Learning?

    • Data Mining

    This process is a super set of numerous methods, which might involve machine learning and traditional statistical methods, to derive useful insights from the available data. It is used to discover the patterns in a data set, which are not previously known. This includes statistical algorithms, time analysis, text analytics. Data mining  involves the study and practice of data storage and data manipulation.


    • Machine Learning

    Like various statistical models available in the market, the main aim of machine learning is to determine and properly understand the structure and patterns hidden in data. Theoretical distributions are applied to data sets to gain a better understanding. Every model is backed by mathematically proven theories.

    Machine learning models are tested using a validation error on new data sets, contrary to going through a theoretical test that confirms a null hypothesis. Machine learning is iterative in nature, in terms of learning from data, the learning process can be automated easily, and the data is analyzed until a clear pattern is identified from the analysis.

    • Deep Learning

    Ability to combine computing power and unique neural networks to learn complex patterns in huge volumes of data, deep learning techniques are used to identify words within sounds, and objects within images.

    Artificial intelligence A ”Machinery brain”

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