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Upcoming Technologies One Should Know.



Upcoming Tech

Upcoming Useful Tech :-

Science has come too far in the last few years. Science have achieved great accomplishment in Robotics and Space Travel. We have listed some upcoming Useful Tech which can change our world.

(1) Cicret Bracelet :- with this bracelet, you can do whatever you want on your arm. It mirrors your phone screen on your hand. It is water resistant as well. Company has already created a working prototype. So it is ready to hit the world soon.

(2) Nano Technology :- Nanotechnology is going to play a key role in the future. We can create many different things by using it. Some of these are wearables technology and human decease healer. It can even heal cancer tumor in the future.

(3) 3D Printing :- it is like creating identical pieces. Before some months, Doctors have successfully replaced a human part with a printed part with all the capabilities. It can be the reason for the immortality which every human wants. This technology can be used in many fields like making 3D models of car parts making machines parts etc.

(4) Artificial intelligence :- it is a well known technology. Everybody has watched movies like the iron Man and minority report. It’s the Technology behind iron Man’s Jarvis. So we all know what it can do. Aren’t we ?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machine to solve problems better than human which human can’t do.

(5) Time Travel :- it’s the most Controversial topic ever. People says “it’s not possible” but in other hand, Science says “Yes, it is !”. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity explains how it is possible. So maybe in the future we can travel through the time.

(6) Virtual Reality :- Virtual reality can be defined as an upcoming technology that makes users feel in a Virtual Environment by using computer hardware and software. It was originally conceived as a digitally created space which humans could access by donning special computer equipments. It enables people to deal with information more easily. VR provides a different way to see and experience information, one that is dynamic and immediate. For example, in a computer game, user’s joystick motions are tracked and the objects in the game are moved according to the joystick movements. In the same way a simulated, three-dimensional world is created around the user in which he/she could interact with objects, people, and environments.

(7) Augmented reality :- Augmented reality is the technology that expands our physical world, adding layers of digital information onto it. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), AR does not create the whole artificial environments to replace real with virtual one. AR appears in direct view of an existing environment and adds sounds, videos, graphics to it.

(8) Machine Learning :- Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

  • Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

The ability to “learn” with data, without being explicitly programmed.

(9) Supercomputer :-

Some scientist problem are so huge and complex that an ordinary home computer might take years to solve them. For intricate problem, such as weather forecasting,we need more powerful computer that work a different way. Some of them have tens of thousands of processor all working on a problem at once.
Supercomputer are very helpful and can solve big problems and do calculation faster.

(10) Robotics :-

Invertors have dreamed up machines that can do almost anything, from playing chess to exploring mars. But there is no single robot that can do everything- yet.

Some parts of mechanical and parts of electronics robots are automated machine that clank, scuttle, and whiz around doing dirty and dangerous jobs that people prefer not to. Robots sniff out bombs and drag survivor from earthquake.

(11) Internet of things :-

Today more than half of the world is connected to internet and IoT play a very important role to connect the daily need equipment or appliances to connect with internet and make them work.

It is the connection of networks of physical devices and apliances.
IoT Main propose is to make everything remotely controlled.

Nowadays there are many IoT products are available on market like smart Speakers, smart lights, smart water purifier etc.

(12) Li-fi :-

It’s stands for light fidility.

It is a wireless communication between device using light for transfer data or information.
It is somehow similar to Wi-Fi. Radio frequency are used in WiFi for transmission.

Li-fi is fasters than WiFi because it’s has higher bandwidth and high transmission speed.

(13) Smart Speakers :-

A smart speaker is a wireless speaker and voice command device which have a integrated virtual assistant (artificial intelligence) that offers interactive actions and handsfree activities. Some of them can also act as a smart device that utilizes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and wireless protocol standards to extend usage beyond audio playback.

Microsoft HoloLens – The Holographic Computer Headset

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    dueling rival neural networks
    the top 5 breakthrough technologies in 2018

    Here is look at top 5 breakthrough technologies from 2018 that will create revolution. 3-d metal printing, artificial embryos, dueling neural networks, babel-fish earbuds and much more…

    1. 3-D Metal Printing

    3d metal printing applications in the automotive industry

    Metal 3-D Printing holds a unique position in modern-day product development. The technology can create lighter, stronger parts, and complex shapes that aren’t possible with conventional metal fabrication methods. It facilitates tooling for conventional manufacturing technologies, reducing costs and lead times. It can also provide more precise control of the microstructure of metals. In 2017, researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced they had developed a 3-D-printing method for creating stainless-steel parts twice as strong as traditionally made ones. 

    Also in 2017, 3-D-printing company Markforged, a small startup based outside Boston, released the first 3-D metal printer for under $100,000.

    Another Boston-area startup, Desktop Metal, began to ship its first metal prototyping machines in December 2017. It plans to begin selling larger machines, designed for manufacturing, that are 100 times faster than older metal printing methods.

    The printing of metal parts is also getting easier. Desktop Metal now offers software that generates designs ready for 3-D printing. Users tell the program the specs of the object they want to print, and the software produces a computer model suitable for printing.   

    2. Artificial Embryos

    artificial embryos digital recreation

    In a breakthrough that redefines how life can be created, embryologists working at the University of Cambridge in the UK have grown realistic-looking mouse embryos using only stem cells. No egg. No sperm. Just cells plucked from another embryo.

    Synthetic human embryos would be a boon to scientists, letting them tease apart events early in development. And since such embryos start with easily manipulated stem cells, labs will be able to employ a full range of tools, such as gene editing, to investigate them as they grow.

    Artificial embryos, however, pose ethical questions. What if they turn out to be indistinguishable from real embryos? How long can they be grown in the lab before they feel pain? We need to address those questions before the science races ahead much further, bioethicists say.

    3. AI for Everybody

    AI for everybody

    Artificial intelligence has so far been mainly the plaything of big tech companies like Amazon, Baidu, Google, and Microsoft, as well as some startups. For many other companies and parts of the economy, AI systems are too expensive and too difficult to implement fully.

    What’s the solution? Machine-learning tools based in the cloud are bringing AI to a far broader audience. These products will be essential if the AI revolution is going to spread more broadly through different parts of the economy.

    Currently AI is used mostly in the tech industry, where it has created efficiencies and produced new products and services. But many other businesses and industries have struggled to take advantage of the advances in artificial intelligence. Sectors such as medicine, manufacturing, and energy could also be transformed if they were able to implement the technology more fully, with a huge boost to economic productivity.

    4. Dueling Neural Networks

    dueling neural network recreation

    Artificial intelligence is getting very good at identifying things: show it a million pictures, and it can tell you with uncanny accuracy which ones depict a pedestrian crossing a street. But AI is hopeless at generating images of pedestrians by itself. If it could do that, it would be able to create gobs of realistic but synthetic pictures depicting pedestrians in various settings, which a self-driving car could use to train itself without ever going out on the road.

    The problem is, creating something entirely new requires imaginationand until now that has perplexed AIs.

    The solution first occurred to Ian Goodfellow, then a PhD student at the University of Montreal, during an academic argument in a bar in 2014. The approach, known as a generative adversarial network, or GAN, takes two neural networksthe simplified mathematical models of the human brain that underpin most modern machine learningand pits them against each other in a digital cat-and-mouse game.

    Both networks are trained on the same data set. One, known as the generator, is tasked with creating variations on images it’s already seenperhaps a picture of a pedestrian with an extra arm. The second, known as the discriminator, is asked to identify whether the example it sees is like the images it has been trained on or a fake produced by the generatorbasically, is that three-armed person likely to be real?

    Over time, the generator can become so good at producing images that the discriminator can’t spot fakes. Essentially, the generator has been taught to recognize, and then create, realistic-looking images of pedestrians.

    The technology has become one of the most promising advances in AI in the past decade, able to help machines produce results that fool even humans.


    5. Babel-Fish Earbuds

    pixel earbuds for automatic language transalation

    In the cult sci-fi classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you slide a yellow Babel fish into your ear to get translations in an instant. In the real world, Google has come up with an interim solution: a $159 pair of earbuds, called Pixel Buds. These work with its Pixel smartphones and Google Translate app to produce practically real-time translation.

    Google Translate already has a conversation feature, and its iOS and Android apps let two users speak as it automatically figures out what languages they’re using and then translates them. But background noise can make it hard for the app to understand what people are saying, and also to figure out when one person has stopped speaking and it’s time to start translating.

    Pixel Buds get around these problems because the wearer taps and holds a finger on the right earbud while talking. Splitting the interaction between the phone and the earbuds gives each person control of a microphone and helps the speakers maintain eye contact, since they’re not trying to pass a phone back and forth.

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    Traffic networking using google map




    When we start finding any new place we always use google maps for it and its app name called Google map ,it tells us all information from distance,time taken,traffic in route and we ever tried to think how all this happen and google map works lets start-

    Google Maps alerts there’s traffic

    We allow access to location every time when we use google map for navigation purpose, the application function or work by sending data back to the server that provide loaction. In this way when you are moving in any road google map analyzes different data and tells whether you are in clean road or struck in traffic.

    By collection data of location from million of user google analyzes the data result it clears out traffic condition of road in which you are moving.

    Navigation system

    A navigation system  an electronically organised system that support in navigating through data interpretation. Navigation systems wholly installed on the vehicle or vessel (on the ships) bridge, or they can be anywhere and communicate with vehicles through radio signal transmission.

    They can use combine method-Image result for google map

    • Displaying map which can be shown via text or map or picture.
    • Locating automobile or vehicle  location with help of sensors, maps, or from external informational sources.
    • It can also be done by providing direction and procedure through radio signal and continuous conversation with the operator of automobile.


     Navigation systems Types


    • Automotive navigation system
    • Marine navigation system
    • satellite navigation system
    • Surgical navigation system,
    • Inertial guidance system

    What is Google GPS? Does Google Maps use GPS or cell towers?

    • GPS is generally called as global positioning system which works with the help of 24 satelite revolving arund earth.Google Map Navigation developed as mobile application created by Google for the following operating system- Android and iOS(Apple OS)  that was combine and sum into the Google Maps mobile application.
    • Google Maps with Location accessibility will use GPS data according to phone feature to locate the user. But even of the GPS enabled device global positioning system will be very useful and provide good feedback,
    • Lee said. … One of then said that positioning does not uses triangulation technique in which loacation are taken from three consecutive towers nearby a device.

    Working of Google Maps –

    Google Maps has been a important component or attachment of the internet for over a years now, many of us in today world dont know how it works.

    Some of us also consider Google Maps act as magic that provide each and every data to location very accurate.

    On basic level, Google Maps already taken our information offline and use it for data anlysis.

    We’re now usually talk about the features like highway networks in whole world, road signs and any obstacles or intreption , street names, and business enterprises,food chain,coffee shops etc

    Type of data collection used are-

    • Map Partners

    • Street View

    • Satellites

    • Location Services

    • Google Maps Users

    • Local Guides

    When There’s a Mistake on Google Maps

    Large changes are made on google every day.Some of them include adding any new road or any business start up and other includes any modification in shop name,time of opening etc.

    Many changes  made and modified  by user also through local guide program by google: the task allowed perform are-

    editing  descriptions of any place

    adding roads or modify name

    and so on.

    Google also employ large group of people from various parts of world working in improving data

    and sending report of changes made of map.

    Satellite Navigation – GPS – Google Maps

    Satellite Navigation system generally based on no. of satellite involved in it,

    24 satellite used 4 satellite in each orbit which transmit information through radio signals.

    Users of Satellite Navigation are most familiar with the 24 Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites which

    revolve around 6 orbits of earth*.

    The United States,Developer of satellite operates the  GPS, and Russia, developed a similar system that known as GLONASS, which have offered free use related to  systems  community at  an international bench.

    The basic GPS service provides uses accuracy of 7.88 m, for time it is 96 percent,on or near the surface of the earth. To become succeed in doing this,

    each of the 32 satellites produce signals to receivers that determine their location by calculating difference between

    time taken between that  signal sent , time it  received. GPS satellites  generally carries atomic clocks that provide extremely accurate time with no error.

    Google Maps’ new Visual Positioning System fixes navigation-

    Google also announced many new treats at Google input and output  today. Lady named Aparna Chennapragada also introduced  the latest features such as- visual guidance and Visual Positioning System in Google Maps Navigation applicationvps camera - Google IO 2018

    We have dalay  using Google Maps Navigation before — question can  asked  google map

    We can now use your camera in recognising our surroundings, by visually communicating Right route in front of our eye.

    Visual Positioning System – VPS

    When your GPS is not meeting need of  the new visual system then in  Google Maps can also be used for newlycoined Visual Positioning System (VPS) feature.

    The VPS use phone’s camera and company named

    Google uses extensive back-end data to analyze our surroundings and identifying where you have greater accuracy.

    Features rolling out are-

    According to the latest news found on the blog many of features of Google are rolling out to improve service.

    • Redesigned Exploring option
    • Trending lists made by “experts” and “Google’s algorithms” that used in finding best place eat, get service.
    • an Aore mentioned taco tracker features
    • An Explore options help in “surfacing the top events of area and activities going in your area”
    • Rating  done in number that tells  how more likely you  enjoyed the service  place
    • Option named”[follow] a neighborhood” and learn new bars or cafe that have opened there
    Google Maps can surprise google fan with new features-

    As the feature iOS 12 is rolled out and the dashboard system will be supporting third-party navigation apps, that means now users will have to upgrade to the latest software version.

    User of apo  who have posted screenshots of Google Maps running on Car insisted them to introduce  functionality that recently arrived through beta testing for testing purpose.


    Thanks,for any questions please comment,and feel free to ask and share it

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    Why evolution of AI is a serious threat for Humanity!!



    AI impact on future

    The World is getting smarter every day by the massive evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Every Industry is increasing the role of AI in their product and services for providing better features. The problem that is being considered is that this change can lead to mass unemployment in the future.

    The experts predict that by the next decade AI-based robots and technologies can cover more than 30% of the workforce in the world. It is estimated that over 600 million people will become unemployed. Every company in any field of work expects production with perfection, continuity and at less cost. Considering these things Robots can become a good option as their performance excels to that of us in a given time and resources.


    We can easily observe the changes that are taking place at a rapid pace. Automobile Industries are shifting their focus towards more intelligent and automated cars that can become a reason for unemployment for drivers on a huge scale worldwide. In the production line as well the ratio of robots is increasing as they are getting more advanced and efficient.

    Individuals who are in jobs which are based on textual context like accounting, document verification, content moderation, document handling have started to face problems as each process is getting online and errors are automatically detected.

    Talking about elimination, Drones are slowly taking over the delivery process eliminating the need for a person to personally deliver the product. Many top level companies and established stores have started to deliver the product in no time with drones.

    AI impact on Humans in Future

    These all are changes are the foundation of the coming major changes in different sectors. The list includes Transportation, financial services, Insurance, Education, Medical services and the list goes on. There is no doubt that robots can do better than humans because they are programmed for that. But, the point is ‘The fate of humanity will be decided by our own creations’?


    Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that there will be an “intelligence explosion” when artificial intelligence surpasses the human intelligence.

    Advance Humanoid developers predict that artificial intelligence android will be given citizenship by the year 2045. The Artificial intelligence will bring many positive changes

    • like improved medical facilities- It can assist doctors in their work like Norman. Analyzing the situation and suggesting a proper solution according to that. It can ease up the work.
    • efficient productivity- The overall production cost will be reduced. The optimum use of resources will be there in the given time.
    • fast execution of work- As the above point explains optimum utilization will lead to speed up the execution time. There will be no more hassles regarding the tasks and related works.
    • enhancing lives- After every industry will reach its optimum potential common people will have more options and services to choose from. It can play a major role in eliminating bureaucracy.

    Including all these positives doesn’t affect the negative points that can become reality. A large number of people have to shift their jobs and the existing employees in that company have to be on toes every-time. They will not be given a second chance to improve their low performance.


    There are many myths about the AI functioning and future. Here are the most common ones:-

    1. Only Luddites(the people who burned factories and opposed the automation in the factories. They believed that it is taking their living.) worry about AI talent matters the most:  Well if you also think the same way then you need to check again. If you are an expert in your field then also you might be not fast enough to beat a robot. Until you are a super genius.
    2. Robots can’t have a destructive mindset: This assumption is not true. Misleading intelligence can lead to a chain of massive destruction. During a demonstration of Sophia back in March 2016, Dr. Hanson asked Sophia “Will you destroy humans?” She replied, “Ok, I will destroy Humans”.
    3. Extreme intelligence is the thing of future: No it is not, The pace of the progress is increasing by every year so as possibilities. Now, anything can be possible in the coming few decades. Coming years will display a totally different scenario than we are predicting today.
    4. Tech advancement comes first: We are not focusing on a major threat that is expanding its paws globally. Yes, you guessed it right! it’s environment depletion. All those problems will never become a reality if there will be no environment to live in. Priorities must be checked again for the better future.


    You need to get ready for the coming changes because AI will definitely become a challenge whether you agree today or not. Our education format must be changed from job focused to entrepreneurship, business, and creative ideas and concepts. We can’t rely on what we have learned till now or learning in the colleges. You have to be creative and valuable in order to be different from others.

    At the end we can’t exactly pretend to behave in a particular manner for AI. But, it can’t be said that its impact will be total positive or total negative on our lives. Although we hope that these advancements prove to be in favor of Humanity but you better be prepared for the challenge if the above predictions become a reality.

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