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Companion robot Kuri is the cutest!



In this decade of technological advance, we have seen some very amazing AI. Be it an app that converses with you like a friend or a full fledged robot to play your music or an artificial dog that can play with you, we’ve seen it all. We even have an AI robot with her own Twitter account now! And more are on their way. Kuri is one such AI bot, which has been in market since December 2017.

Kuri is a small, cute and friendly companion robot. You can use it for various chores around the house, including surveillance. Infact, it first started out as a surveillance robot by its creators, the roboticists Kaijen Hsiao and Sarah Osentoski. But they felt its uses were short lived and added in new features.

Kuri entertains kids

Its lively and extremely cute design have won hearts almost at first glance! The first thing you notice about Kuri are the adorable eyes. Due to the fact that she doesn’t have hands, her usefulness seems limited. But it can truly do a few awesome things. For a robot without arms, Kuri’s got a lot going for it.

  • It can navigate bumps with surprising ease.
  • It can play music on command.
  • Using machine vision, it can recognize different members of the family, including pets, and automatically shoot video (a feature known as Kuri Vision).
  • You can remote-control Kuri too (with an app on your phone)!

Kuri has built in mapping sensors that allow it to navigate around the house. It maps your entire house – the stairs, the rooms and different surfaces. These route maps help it to move around the house from one room to another. But Kuri can’t climb or descend staircases and it is quite heavy to carry it yourself.

Since Kuri can’t speak—at least, not in what we’d identify as a human language—it communicates with clever cues.  beep means yes and a bloop means noThis definitely makes it cuter!

kuri's cute eyes and voice

Kuri’s creators call it a “companion robot”. It belongs to an intelligent class of machines that make themselves useful assistants at home. You can see them helping disabled or old people, helping you with chores around the house and entertain the kids, all the while keeping an eye on the house.


Kuri’s features

What we know from Kuri’s owners is that it is equipped with touch sensors that enable it to respond to touch, a camera that takes wide range HD pictures and videos for surveillance as well as recording memories, a microphone that detects your voice commands and other sounds around the house, and speakers with high quality sound that can fill a room.

Kuri has an effective drive system that consists of efficient rollers for it to move around and a familiar heart light that conveys its mood. It comes with its own charging pad that it needs to be plugged in to every night to regain juice, sync and relax – so when we’re sleeping, Kuri takes its rest too. The company says it has 3 hours of battery life and drives itself to its dock when it needs to charge.

Kuri has its own app (both iOS and Android) that can be used to power it up, send manual commands, set preferences, update its system and disable it. It is here you can find all the memories that Kuri captures and stores away, you can further store them on your preferred digital devices. You can configure speech recognition too here to use voice commands. Also, when you are out of the house, this app helps you check Kuri’s surveillance and know how things are at home when you’re not around.

kuri floor mapping

If we think about it in the most basic way and look at Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, we can see that Kuri isn’t the least bit harmful. Since its physical interaction, it cannot knock things down or accidentally hurt you. Its lack of useful speech also forms the impression of a basic purpose robot and not as advanced AI. You can even isolate Kuri to a specific part of the house, so it doesn’t intrude your personal space.


The Verdict

But will all this be enough to make people want Kuri, is a big question. There is going to be a range of home AI robots, says Andra Keay, the managing director of Silicon Valley Robotics. “However, I believe people would want to limit the number of personalities they want in their houses,” Keay says. “So the race is on to create not just engagement but loyalty. That’s a real challenge.”

Last December when Kuri was released, it stole hearts but came under questioning regarding its limited usefulness. The price for this robot is 700$ which seems huge considering its lack of ultra features. Although it has higher ground being a companion robot, there are many robots out there achieving more than what Kuri can. For a price tag that great, it would be right to expect more features. Say smarter home integration or more voice commands.

You can know more about this robot and the team behind its making, and also reserve one here:



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    HTC Exodus 1: Blockchain phone specs, price and release date



    Smartphone manufacturer HTC is taking a major leap into the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They are stepping into the wider blockchain industry. With HTC U12 and U12+ about to be unveiled in a couple of days, HTC has a lot of surprises for its users in its pocket. On 15th of this month, HTC unveiled a website that showcases the HTC Exodus. And HTC unveiled the Exodus today at web3summit.

    Furthermore, there is only one company that has completely succeeded in making a fully blockchain powered device. Swiss company Sirin-Labs unveiled there first phone Finney and HTC is joining the race with Exodus. Finney has a 12-megapixel rear camera with low-light f/1.8 aperture and an 8-megapixel 85-degree wide angle front facing the camera. It is powered by a 3,280mAh battery with fast charging support. Connectivity features include Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and LTE, among others. Specs wise the phone packs pretty much enough but what’s worth mentioning is what happens over the internet. The blockchain phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It has a 6-inch display at 18:9 aspect ratio, 402ppi and 1500:1 contrast ratio. The phone features 128GB built-in storage and 6GB RAM.

    The HTC Exodus 1, aka the ‘blockchain phone’, is nearly ready to enter the wild, with the company has now confirmed the specs of its forthcoming cryptocurrency handset. Check out the TEASER.


    Blockchain phones are the new Virtual Reality. Every smartphone manufacturer is going to add something or the other that gets their hands-on in this domain. Huawei is rumored to be working on a secret Blockchain powered device which will have layers of decentralized apps and much more. Samsung has also created a blockchain network but we have no sources claiming a blockchain phone in the making.

    The Taiwanese firm unveiled the World’s first native blockchain phone. The tailor-made Android-powered phone will provide support for decentralized applications(DApps). Apps like CryptoKitties, and will feature a secure hardware enclave for users. Now the users will have access to a Universal Cryptocurrency wallet that is native to the device itself.
    With over two decades of experience manufacturing the world’s leading smartphones and shipping over 100 million phones, they believe they can help reshape the internet with the HTC Exodus.

    HTC Exodus

    source: HTC

    Working with multiple protocols with the intent of interoperability between blockchains. increasing DApp user base. Bringing a streamlined mobile user experience to the DApp community. Providing more nodes on the path to true decentralization. We want to double and triple the number of nodes of Ethereum and Bitcoin. To have your identity and data on the phone rather in a centralized cloud and open-mindedness towards the collective wisdom of the crowd.
    This is what HTC claims the Exodus can stand up to. The performance will be incomparable with any device of any brand as there aren’t any competitors in this domain of phones.

    • Exodus will have Hardware support for Cryptocurrencies

    • Will support Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Etherum

    • Advanced security features and claims of virtually “tamper proof”

    The phone will be compatible with multiple protocols and will exchange and make use of information vividly. Phil Chen who creates HTC’s virtual reality headset Vive is the leader of the Exodus project. HTC is rumored to be working on a VR specific device. HTC has a lot of gaming genre users and this will help them enhance their users’ experience. Still, it is good enough to witness a new and revolutionary phone.

    The company wants customers to be able to pay for the phone with cryptocurrencies, but we haven’t received any distinctive details. “We think that the phone can be an agent in the future for decentralization,” said Chen. “We want you to hold your own key [through] a secure management method in our phones.” This is official early access release to the EXODUS 1. They are inviting a community of developers and enthusiasts to work with us to keep building security. Join them in rebuilding trust together, one phone at a time. Get your early access now! Go to now!


    What exactly HTC wants Exodus to do

    Chen, who now holds the title of CDO (Chief Decentralized Officers), is the head of the firm’s crypto and blockchain related initiatives. “Through the Exodus, we are also excited to be supporting underlying protocols such as Bitcoin, Etherum, Dfinity and more,” Chen wrote in a blog post accompanying the announcement. Still, a vast majority of HTC fans want something new and innovative from them in a long time.

    He also wrote that “I want to see a world where the end consumers can truly own their data (browsing history, identity, assets, wallets, emails, messaging, etc) without the need for central authorities. There is a lot of work ahead of us, but I believe the mobile hardware layer can contribute significantly to our new decentralized world.” With Facebook’s Data Leak controversies, HTC might end up taking the lead in the smartphone race with this.

    HTC Exodus Blockchain powered phone

    Source: HTC

    I suppose we have to wait for a month or two to get more info on these type of devices. This revolutionary product might change the way we use the internet today. I don’t know exactly if I wanna buy one. It’ll be fun to use DApps and to hover over the decentralized web tbh. If anything does happen to your device, you can breathe easy, as HTC has imbued the Exodus with a social-themed security protocol that sees users nominate several contacts to hold a piece of a unique security key – and only bringing all of these pieces together will unlock the device.

    For the latest tech news and reviews, follow on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.
    Till next time. Over and Out.

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    Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 675 with new Kryo 460 CPU



    Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. is continuing to bring together global manufacturers and operators, along with software and hardware technology vendors, to strategize and discuss industry trends and technology developments with their Snapdragon chipsets. Mark your calendars for this 3-day event highlighting 5G, connectivity, AI, IoT and so much more. This year’s summit promises to be one of the best ever, featuring wireless leader keynotes, breakout sessions, multiple exhibits and networking events, all showcasing the latest technology, and much more. Qualcomm made a lot of advancements in the last few months. And the tech giant made steady announcements at their 4G/5G Summit at Hong Kong.

    Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit at Hong Kong

    In the Keynote, Qualcomm’s President Mr. Cristiano Amon talks about how 5G is nearing deployment, with global trials underway and deployments planned in the coming months. He continues about how the next generation of wireless will allow virtually every industry to deliver advanced connectivity and increased intelligence across the rapidly evolving wireless edge. It is essential that the broader ecosystem pursues the wireless and computing technologies that will provide the foundation for the coming transformation. To just have an overview read to it, focus on the key points as per Qualcomm:

    • Qualcomm optimized the Snapdragon 675 for mainstream use.

    • The first smartphones using the Snapdragon 675 will ship in Q1 2019.

    • The Snapdragon 675 is Qualcomm’s third mid-range processor announced within the past six months.


    Qualcomm makes one of the finest processors in the industry and as it turns out they also focus on the mid-range consumers. It comes out on the top with the 710 followed by the 670 in the mid-range category. Now that it is history, Qualcomm announced a new processor in the 600 range. The Snapdragon 675 is a really interesting processor but not for all the reasons you are thinking. In terms of where it fits in the overall Qualcomm’s mid-range processor, is somewhat between the 670 and the 710. And for a little humor, the Snapdragon 675 has got a slightly worse Adreno 612 GPU in it compared to the 615. The Snapdragon 675 has got the same modem as the 670, the exact DSPs and the image processors, but with a bit of enhancement.

    Qualcomm 675 chipset launched

    So, why is the Snapdragon 675 so interesting? Well, it is using the 4th Generation Kryo 460 CPU Design. And as per our research and Qualcomm’s announcement, no other processor in its lineup uses the 4th Gen CPU. Well, the Kryo core 1st Gen design is found in-house in the Snapdragon 820 and 821. Then the 2nd Gen Kryo which was built with the Cortex technology is found in the Snapdragon 835 and finally, the 3rd Gen is found in Snapdragon 845.

    Snapdragon 675 + 4th Gen Kryo Core

    Snapdragon 675 is basically a Cortex A76 coupled together with a Cortex A55. This new Architecture built on ARM Cortex offers a 20% overall performance improvement, optimized across 2 performance and 6 efficiency cores. So Qualcomm is using the 4th Gen with this 6+2 configuration. So it still is an Octa-core chipset but with 2 cores dedicated for higher stability and results and 6 for better power efficiency. So, more interestingly,  what this tells us is that the next 800 series will be using the 4th Gen Kryo.

    The 675 is not only filled with upgrades. For example, the 675 is constructed with an 11nm process whereas the Snapdragon 670 had a 10nm process. The GPU has been downgraded from an Adreno 615 to an Adreno 612, too. With that said, Qualcomm assured us that the Snapdragon 675 performs considerably better than the Snapdragon 670. With built-in game enhancements, for example, reduce “janks” or stutters by over 90 percent during gameplay.

    The Comparison of Snapdragon(s)

    So let’s look at the rest of the Snapdragon 675 and detail out how it differentiates from the 670 and the 710 chipsets. So as you can see all the 3 processors use the 6+2 setup. The performance core gets a boost with the A76 instead of the A75. When it comes to GPU the 675 lags behind and as it turns out the 710 has got the best GPU. But as per Qualcomm, they have been tweaking it for a better gaming performance. The differences which can only be pointed out when we will receive a device. It supports the LPDDR4X where the X stands for even more power efficient than the standard LPDDR4.

    Now that they all showcase the same DSPs across is a good thing. With the 250L, it gets the 480fps HD Slo-Mo that will pump-up any camera. The modem is exactly the same as the rest. It’s like Qualcomm didn’t even bother making an upgrade to it. Focusing on the important part, the 675 uses Samsung’s fabrication process. So, this will be built by the looks of it exclusively on Samsung’s fabrication plans.

    Snapdragon 675Snapdragon 670Snapdragon 710
    CPU2x 2.0GHz Kryo 460 (Cortex-A76)
    6x 1.7GHz Kryo 460 (Cortex-A55)
    2x 2.0GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A75)
    6x 1.7GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A55)
    2x 2.2GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A75)
    6x 1.7GHz Kryo 360 (Cortex-A55)
    GPUAdreno 612Adreno 615Adreno 616
    RAMLPDDR4X @ 1866MHzLPDDR4X @ 1866MHzLPDDR4X @ 1886MHz
    DSPHexagon 685Hexagon 685Hexagon 685
    ISPSpectra 250L
    25MP single or 16MP dual
    48MP snapshots
    480fps HD Slo-Mo
    Spectra 250
    25MP single or 16MP dual
    Spectra 250
    32MP single or 20MP dual
    ModemX12 LTE
    600Mbps down
    150Mbps up
    X12 LTE
    600Mbps down
    150Mbps up
    X15 LTE
    800Mbps down
    150Mbps up
    Quick Charge4+4+4+
    Process11nm LPP FinFET10nm LPP FinFET10nm LPP FinFET


    Qualcomm’s Worse is actually Better

    So coming back to the GPU here, the 675 boasts an Adreno 612 instead of a 615 or a 616 on its brothers. Qualcomm is actually saying that they have heavily optimized the gaming performance. This does mean that the overall performance will be better as compared to the rest. Qualcomm also suggests that on a list of particular games that they tried, this performs much better. They get 90% less ‘JANKS’, whatever that means.

    gaming on snapdragon 675 chipset, qualcomm

    It might get a better user experience while gaming. Qualcomm is known to make certain tweaks for a better gaming performance and experience. The list of games does suggest that it focuses on a great diversity of games. This is actually good stuff from Qualcomm. Qualcomm also states that it works closely with both mobile game and game engine developers to improve the gaming UX on Android, though this isn’t unexpected given how they’ve collaborated with game studios such as NetMarble for Snapdragon flagship chip releases in recent years.

    Gaming enhancement on snapdragon 675

    Although that the 600 range continues to be very strong with support for 6 cameras, 3 on the front and 3 on the back. So everything from super-res zoom to telephoto capture to specialized Bokeh mode is now available on the 675. So there’s a bunch of things that Qualcomm has put into their processors that make them very useful. They did a great deal of work for the mid-range smartphones. Expecting really strong developments from the manufacturers now. That’s it for now.

    For the latest tech news and reviews, follow on TwitterFacebook or Instagram. Till next time, Peace Out.

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    Do You Know

    The Next Big Thing in Blog Earning Tips




    Everybody of us are very curious to know, How we can earn by using our skill through our laptop, tablets, and computers. Today I am going to tell, What are blogs? How to earn using blogs, affiliates and Google Adsense.

    How did they get this name? What are methods to make a real income using blog and website? How can we earn using some tactics or tricks?

    The first question arises when we hear something named blog.

    What is a blog?

    It is generally a page or website run by an individual or a group that update information and share on a particular topic or an event. They are generally written in conversational or informal voice. Previously it was called as weblog, where an individual writes about day to day events.

    Later it became a blog and it became a platform for marketing and marketer recognize a great scope of business using blogs.

    Next question is-


    How blogger make money?

    Generally, blogger earning by CPC that is a cost per click and PPC called Pay per click. In this ads are displayed on website or blog and any reader visiting the blog may click in ads or banner shown in the website. And if a reader clicks on this, a blogger or site owner will get earning for every click.

    Tips or platform or methods of earning through blogs are-

    1. CPM marketing
    2. Affiliate marketing
    3. Direct sale of ads
    4. Selling services
    5. Sell sponsored blog post

    CPM Marketing

    The first thing we get is CPM marketing. In CPM advertiser want to put their ads on that blog which have good reader base and Here comes a platform Google Adsense , Since advertiser could not deal directly with blogger.

    Google AdSense is generally a program started by Google that allows publishers under Network of Google content sites to provide an image, video, or media advertisements that are targeted to audience or readers who visit the site for content.

    AdSense is a mostly used technique for monetizing blogs.

    However, it does not pay a lot of cash.

    For one, advertisers will not pay premium rates to succeed in a low range of individuals. So they pay so much lower rates than in printed form.

    On another way of that Google takes a large fee on every sale, therefore the blogger is left with a small financial gain from CPM advertising.

    It is out and away, the best thanks to monetizing a journal — all you have to do is register for AdSense.

    However, as a result of this really easy task It is additionally the smallest amount profitable.

    Affiliate marketing-

    An affiliate marketing is an automatic program that involves an advertiser and recruiting website. The website owner as affiliates places the company’s advertisements on the individually owned websites. The advertisements in affiliate programs are joined to any owner websites and are referred to as affiliate links.


    Affiliate marketing, generally a method from which product or service are recommended to your audience using tracking links and affiliates gets referring commission for every sale of product after each click on tracking link.

    Example– Affiliate marketing can be such, when you refer some app to an individual that will be used for money transfer, App owner gives you commision for each registration.

    Similarly, many products and services online have affiliate referral programs that anyone can join. Affiliate programs are available for every industry.

    The most economical thanks for generating cash is to sell a product. You supply one thing individuals need and from that they offer you cash in exchange for the merchandise or service. It works extremely well within the physical world, it will work well online too. The only thanks to selling things are via Affiliate deals.

    Affiliate promoting works in very easy manner, you discover retailers that have Affiliate programs so register on it. The distributor then provides you with code that you use to post the links on your website. Once you drive traffic, so sales to the distributor you get a commission. It is extremely an easy referral.

    However, it will bring you much more cash than CPM advertising as a result of which individuals are literally shopping for one thing and You’re facilitating that sale.

    A company that offers affiliate marketing are-

    • Amazon
    • Flipkart
    • Snapdeal
    • Alibaba (UC Union)
    • Paytm
    Selling product-

    Selling merchandise is one of the best approaches of creating or we say generating cash.

    If you are searching for higher commissions than affiliate selling or say CPM selling.

    The Best way you have got an audience which is interesting or able to purchase, you will attempt another monetization practices.

    By re-selling e-commerce merchandise you will earn vast commissions.

    Difference between reselling and affiliate selling is that-

    Once reselling you the blogger take most of the responsibility.

    You have got to plug the merchandise, show the merchandise method payment for the merchandise. (Though nearly always you will realize somebody else to ship the merchandise)

    That takes the burden off the merchant and suggests a larger commission for you.

    Re-selling on e-commerce merchandise is not for everybody. However bloggers with giant audiences will realize its rewardability.

    You can also earn by inducing particular referral links in a keyword of your post and

    if anybody clicks on the post it redirects it to your app or

    a site where a reader can buy a product or service.

    Remain connected with me in future,I will introduce you for most effective methodology to increase your earning using blog.

    At last, I salute to some of the top Bloggers of India who have made

    their passion as a profession and they are on top.

    • Amit Agarwal (Owner of the pioneer of Indian blogging)
    • Faisal Farooqui (Owner of Mouth shut)
    • Harsh Agarwal
    • Srinivas Tamada
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