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Analysing learning through the Web



web-based learning

Learning through the Web is the new trend of learning things in the modern world. Web-based learning platforms are growing at a very fast rate. Evolution of technology has made learning easy and fun. Now, You don’t need to attend college for learning about any type of content. You just name it and it is there on the internet.

Effects of the change

It is not only helping the students worldwide to learn but also the teachers, experts, and professionals to spread their knowledge without limitations. It is not limited to the certified group of people who can teach online. Anyone who learns to command over a concept has been given the opportunity for explaining it to others.

Platforms like Udacity, Udemy and are dominating in building this new era of learning. Providing certification courses for a comparably low cost is helping thousands of people in getting jobs and being updated.

It is helping people to generate some passive income with ease. If you are confident enough to express your knowledge then you’re welcome to teach as an e-tutor. We can say that teaching has been made simple and more interactive.

What exactly is Web-based learning?

Anything which you learn from a source that involves internet connectivity comes under web-based learning. Yes! It is not limited to taking online courses it includes many things.

  • Blogs
  • Web Tutorials
  • Web seminars
  • E-tuitions
  • Virtual Classrooms

It is true that an easy to load new information into our brain. But, Assume that you searched for a term on google and you read the article from a blog that was listed on the top. The very next day you presented that information in front of some knowledgeable people and they totally disagreed with you. You came to know that the information that was written there is wrong. Then you can’t do anything except putting negative comments on that blog.

online learning

Point is you totally can’t rely on the information that is provided to you by a random person. So, Below are the pros and cons of web-based learning.


  1. Flexible- You as a learner can study at anytime of his/her choice at any place. There is no bounding of time and place.
  2. Access to the content- The content is available always 24*7 and can be accessed some days after as well.
  3. Suitable for self-learners- If you believe in learning the content on your terms and don’t feel comfortable in class learning. Then online learning is just perfect for you.
  4. Updated Content- The content on every platform is updated regularly with every new advancement in the older one.
  5. Pace- Your mind your pace, Unlike class you don’t have to wait for others to catch up. After learning a stuff you can easily jump into a new one without waiting.
  6. Cost-effective-  It is less costly as compared to that of the traditional manner. A lot of new things can be learned at the same cost as your semester or college fees.
  7. No geographical boundaries- The student can be from any part of the world as well as the teacher.
  8. The way of explanation-  The concepts can be made understood with help of animation or interactive graphics. The language used can be more lite and easy to make it more understandable for the learner.


  1. Needs Self-motivation- It needs a lot of focus from the learner’s side as there are no restrictions. He/she can be easily distracted.
  2. Connectivity- Connectivity can be an issue sometimes due to uncertain factors. It includes a change in weather, slow speed, accessibility of internet from remote areas.
  3. Lack of social environment- There is no presence of a learning environment. It can be a very important factor for many of the active and class prone learners who love to learn in a physical environment.
  4. Misleading- Due to the absence of restrictions the instructor can teach a wrong thing just like in the above case. He/she can also guide the learner to a miscellaneous agenda who knows.
  5. Interaction- In most cases when the student asks a question the teacher is not present their at that time to answer his/her curiosity. The student has to send a separate message which is not sure to be answered.
  6. Book knowledge is not replaceable- If you have to get a deep knowledge you always have to refer to the books. No matter how advanced the online learning gets books will always be the first preference.

web based learning


We expect that the web-based learning tools keep helping us in enriching our knowledge. Although, It has some disadvantages or we can say loopholes where work is still needed to be done but it is expected to be fixed soon in the coming future.

The scope of web-based learning is going to expand at a more bigger level with the opening of new possibilities. Till now we can say that the information provided through online platforms is reliable in every 8/10 times. The things are getting better with every passing year as the technology is evolving.


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    dueling rival neural networks
    the top 5 breakthrough technologies in 2018

    Here is look at top 5 breakthrough technologies from 2018 that will create revolution. 3-d metal printing, artificial embryos, dueling neural networks, babel-fish earbuds and much more…

    1. 3-D Metal Printing

    3d metal printing applications in the automotive industry

    Metal 3-D Printing holds a unique position in modern-day product development. The technology can create lighter, stronger parts, and complex shapes that aren’t possible with conventional metal fabrication methods. It facilitates tooling for conventional manufacturing technologies, reducing costs and lead times. It can also provide more precise control of the microstructure of metals. In 2017, researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced they had developed a 3-D-printing method for creating stainless-steel parts twice as strong as traditionally made ones. 

    Also in 2017, 3-D-printing company Markforged, a small startup based outside Boston, released the first 3-D metal printer for under $100,000.

    Another Boston-area startup, Desktop Metal, began to ship its first metal prototyping machines in December 2017. It plans to begin selling larger machines, designed for manufacturing, that are 100 times faster than older metal printing methods.

    The printing of metal parts is also getting easier. Desktop Metal now offers software that generates designs ready for 3-D printing. Users tell the program the specs of the object they want to print, and the software produces a computer model suitable for printing.   

    2. Artificial Embryos

    artificial embryos digital recreation

    In a breakthrough that redefines how life can be created, embryologists working at the University of Cambridge in the UK have grown realistic-looking mouse embryos using only stem cells. No egg. No sperm. Just cells plucked from another embryo.

    Synthetic human embryos would be a boon to scientists, letting them tease apart events early in development. And since such embryos start with easily manipulated stem cells, labs will be able to employ a full range of tools, such as gene editing, to investigate them as they grow.

    Artificial embryos, however, pose ethical questions. What if they turn out to be indistinguishable from real embryos? How long can they be grown in the lab before they feel pain? We need to address those questions before the science races ahead much further, bioethicists say.

    3. AI for Everybody

    AI for everybody

    Artificial intelligence has so far been mainly the plaything of big tech companies like Amazon, Baidu, Google, and Microsoft, as well as some startups. For many other companies and parts of the economy, AI systems are too expensive and too difficult to implement fully.

    What’s the solution? Machine-learning tools based in the cloud are bringing AI to a far broader audience. These products will be essential if the AI revolution is going to spread more broadly through different parts of the economy.

    Currently AI is used mostly in the tech industry, where it has created efficiencies and produced new products and services. But many other businesses and industries have struggled to take advantage of the advances in artificial intelligence. Sectors such as medicine, manufacturing, and energy could also be transformed if they were able to implement the technology more fully, with a huge boost to economic productivity.

    4. Dueling Neural Networks

    dueling neural network recreation

    Artificial intelligence is getting very good at identifying things: show it a million pictures, and it can tell you with uncanny accuracy which ones depict a pedestrian crossing a street. But AI is hopeless at generating images of pedestrians by itself. If it could do that, it would be able to create gobs of realistic but synthetic pictures depicting pedestrians in various settings, which a self-driving car could use to train itself without ever going out on the road.

    The problem is, creating something entirely new requires imaginationand until now that has perplexed AIs.

    The solution first occurred to Ian Goodfellow, then a PhD student at the University of Montreal, during an academic argument in a bar in 2014. The approach, known as a generative adversarial network, or GAN, takes two neural networksthe simplified mathematical models of the human brain that underpin most modern machine learningand pits them against each other in a digital cat-and-mouse game.

    Both networks are trained on the same data set. One, known as the generator, is tasked with creating variations on images it’s already seenperhaps a picture of a pedestrian with an extra arm. The second, known as the discriminator, is asked to identify whether the example it sees is like the images it has been trained on or a fake produced by the generatorbasically, is that three-armed person likely to be real?

    Over time, the generator can become so good at producing images that the discriminator can’t spot fakes. Essentially, the generator has been taught to recognize, and then create, realistic-looking images of pedestrians.

    The technology has become one of the most promising advances in AI in the past decade, able to help machines produce results that fool even humans.


    5. Babel-Fish Earbuds

    pixel earbuds for automatic language transalation

    In the cult sci-fi classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you slide a yellow Babel fish into your ear to get translations in an instant. In the real world, Google has come up with an interim solution: a $159 pair of earbuds, called Pixel Buds. These work with its Pixel smartphones and Google Translate app to produce practically real-time translation.

    Google Translate already has a conversation feature, and its iOS and Android apps let two users speak as it automatically figures out what languages they’re using and then translates them. But background noise can make it hard for the app to understand what people are saying, and also to figure out when one person has stopped speaking and it’s time to start translating.

    Pixel Buds get around these problems because the wearer taps and holds a finger on the right earbud while talking. Splitting the interaction between the phone and the earbuds gives each person control of a microphone and helps the speakers maintain eye contact, since they’re not trying to pass a phone back and forth.

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    Top 6 printer that really save your cost




    As we have moved towards younger generation, everything becoming or moving towards digital world.

    Maximum of things can be moved in phone storage / hard disk that we use in computer desktop,  Laptop that makes it easy to access from anywhere.

    But maximum of data still needed to be printed because there are very fewer people who are fully digitalized.

    If we take the education sector many things like books, notes, and question paper are still in paper form or hard copy so there is great demand for the printer as well.

    As our technology is growing we expect low-cost printing and many of low-cost printer will be introduced.

    I am listing some printer that had a boom in the market

    1.HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4535


    • Multifunction printer and comes with an option of print, copy, and scan.
    • Hp Deskjet is wireless printer means that print can be taken from any corner of a house if you prefer it for home purpose.
    • Comes with a print speed of 9.5 page per minute in black ink and 6.5 page per minute with color ink.
    • Generally comes with a function of automatic two-sided copying and printing that is duplex printing.
    • It comes with 5.5-inch touchscreen display function that makes printing easy.
    • A cartridge has a capacity of printing 150-180 pages with color ink and 480-500 pages with color ink and becomes economical because of low cost per page.
    • It is available eCommerce store at price of 9000.

    2.HP DeskJet 3835 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless


    • It comes with a feature that is mobile friendly printing. Smartphone & tablet can  easily connected.
    • Comes with features that are copy, print, scan and extra feature is a fax.2-12
    • It comes with wifi feature making printing easy and convenient.
    • Printing speed is 8.5 page per minute in a black cartridge and 6 ppm in color cartridges.
    • It can print up to 1000 pages at one-time refilling.
    • Comes with a 2.2-inch touchscreen panel for convenience in printing.
    • It comes with a feature of HP e-print.
    • Color fax is available with a limit of 100 pages in single use.
    • HP 680 ink cartridge is compatible with a capacity of up to 400 pages with black ink and 150 pages with a color ink cartridge.
    • Can be availed at any physical & online store at price of 6000 rs.

    3.Epson L380 Multi-Function InkTank Colour Printer 


    • First, an important feature is that it is an ink tank printer.3-10
    • It comes with three features that are print, copy and scan.
    • Print speed is 35 page per minute in black and 18 page per minute in color.
    • Bundled with a feature of one-touch copy and scanning.
    • It gives the lowest cost of printing that is 8 paise for black ink and 20 paise for color ink cartridge per page and hence very economical.
    • Can be availed in market & online store under 11000 rs.

    4.HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer with ADF


    • It comes with a feature of print, copy and scan and fax and inkjet technology.
    • It has a printing speed of up to 35 pages per minute.
    • Usually preferred for small business.4-10
    • It comes with HP capability.
    • Comes with a feature of wifi connectivity and auto wireless connectivity for easy and convenient printing.
    • Comes with touchscreen display of 2.7 inches for easy printing.
    • Has a duty cycle of 18000-20000 pages on a monthly basis.
    • Comes with feature that is USB slot in front side, automatic document feeder, easy printing from mobile device, duplex printing is well supported.
    • It is easily available at the price of 7000-8000 Rs.
    5.Canon E560 Multifunction Wireless Ink


    • It comes with a feature of print, copy and scan and fax.
    • It comes with wifi and USB for connectivity to a device.
    • Comes with a print volume of up to 400 pages.
    • Printing cost becomes economical, has a low-cost operation that is 800 pages and 400 pages from black and color cartridge.
    • Android & Apple device can be easily connected with printer for printing preferred document or picture directly from device.
    • Also comes with wireless connectivity through wifi and auto power on/off feature.
    • It supports easy and automatic 2 sided(duplex) printing.
    • Can be availed price under 7000rs from any physical or online store.
    • 6-2
    6.Epson L455


    • Comes with high-performance output capacity and economical printing solution.
    • Ultra low-cost printing with cartridges is offered by Epson L455 printer.
    • It comes with package containing 3 ink bottle of color ink and 1 ink bottle of black ink.
    • Efficiency of printing is up to 8500 pages from black ink and 4500-5000 from color ink bottle.
    • Easy printing through wifi is supported that can be accessed through phones and tablets.
    • Large display with touchscreen features and memory card supported that enables to print even without PC.
    • Comes with Eco tank with Large capacity of ink bottle.
    • Prints high-quality print and comes with easy duplex printing features that enable two-sided printing and saves paper.
    • Copy speed is 33 page per minute for black ink and 18 page per minute for color ink.
    • Can purchase from market at price of 9000 rs, be ready for economical printing.

    Thank you very much for reading the post, if you have any suggestion and question feel free to ask.

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    This Week’s Top Stories About Laptop college students





    In schools and colleges student gets the ample or hasty amount of homework and In addition to various types of a project such as ppt. , excel sheet that should be made also need to carry to an institution.

    Because for this convenience laptop are made that make life simpler.

    Thankfully because of our technical expert many hi-tech devices are being developed Nevertheless helps students to decide and consequently lighten the monetary burden on them.

    The most effective laptops for school students can feature luxurious styles as a matter of fact than high Power and endless design.

    Meanwhile maintaining an inexpensive value and purpose – So even in this foremost situation ample or great amount of school students will get stuff done quickly.

    We know it’s exhausting to avoid wasting up money once you are learning, therefore the best laptops for school students would like the most effective processors and graphics. They should have feature what they need to urge the duty done – no frills hooked up in between work.


    In the next few years, we aim to Increase Technology advances, however the correct tool worth the expenses and if it will assist you to earn that degree.

    To eliminate a number of the frustration, we have listed high-end laptops for school students just below so you will be able to Buy one for yourself or your dear ones.

    You should not limit to yourself to associate a work previously that became clunker to move further.

    It is our duty to provide the best laptop at a cheaper price because a student can’t afford that much.

    1.Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook-


    • Intel 5th generations and comes with Core i3 processor(2GHz clock speed )
    • Include 4GB capacity DDR3 RAM
    • Also 1TB capacity  HDD drive
    • Includes 15.6-inch HD screen and Intel High definition Graphics 5500
    • Ubuntu Linux OS package
    • HD (720pi) capable with a digital camera and microphone
    • Interfaces: USB 3 , 2 x USB 2.0, HDMI Port


    The Inspiron series 15 3558  is highly-powered by Intel Core i3-5015U Processor (3M Cache, 2.10 GHz) and NVIDIA GeForce 920M 2GB DDR3 Video card.

    That enables you to try everything you would like, Up to 4GB single channel memory and 1TB drive ensures you will not run out of space anymore.

    Watch pictures and videos makes you comfortable by watching in 15.6 inch  HD (1366 x 768) Truelife LED-Backlit screen. With a lot of things that add up to enhance the experience of that five million pixels, it is straight forward to look at your favorite movies and shows on this convenient screen.

    It includes external peripherals with 3 USB slots. Comes with 4.0 (Dual Band a pair of.4&5 GHz, 1×1) Bluetooth and 802.11ac Wi-Fi that permits you to remain blocked in where you desire.

    Moves with you

    It comes with AN integrated  4 cell battery and which provides a minimum of eight hours of battery life at ideal usage condition.

    On a daily basis, your portable computer is going to be impatient to travel.

    Designed for the important world
    The Dell Inspiron 15 3558 is tested for dependability and property.

    The foremost normally used keys tested for ten million keystrokes and Therefore the bit pad buttons are tested for one million times with no failure.

    2.Acer Aspire E5-573


    • Includes 2GHz i3  Intel Core processor
    • With DDR3 RAM that has a capacity of 4GB
    • 500GB HDD Serial ATA disk drive
    • 15.6-inch big screen, Intel High definition 5500 Graphics
    • Windows 8.1 software


    Light-weight and TFT show

    The new Acer shoot  E5-573 contains a sleek style, High-Definition show, powerful processor and a high-quality system.

    Comes with 50 x 31.4 x 7.2 cm dimension and weights very light.

    It is almost 4 kg , The portable computer is simple to hold on where you go.

    Comes with a 15.6-inch screen and  LED Backlit, TFT, Liquid crystal show( LCD)/digital display/alphanumeric display which boosts your viewing expertise by decreasing strain on your eyes even in low light.

    Flawless Performance
    Loaded with Intel Core i3 processor with clock speed of 2GHz, RAM of 4GB, This portable computer not only solely well-suited for significant multitasking however conjointly optimizes power usage mechanically.

    A portable computer operates on 8.1 windows operating system(OS), so you get a portable computer that is additionally responsive and economical in completing tasks.

    It co-jointly has an enclosed disc drive of a capability  500 GB storage that stores all of your necessary data.

    Long Battery back-up and different unimaginable options
    The portable computer comes backed with a 4-cell removable battery that offers power backup of five hours.

    Currently you will be able to use its services like playing games, surf the web and hear/listening music with none of  interruptions.

    Moreover, this portable computer comes with an Integral stereophonic system to produce exceptional sound with bigger tonal accuracy.

    3.Lenovo G50(i5) –


    • Intel Core i5 Processor (fifth generation)
    • 8 GB DDR3 RAM
    • DOS(Disk operating system)
    • 1 TB capacity HDD
    • 15.6 inch HD display


    Lenovo G50-80  portable computer comes with following specifications- (Core i5 (fifth Gen)/8 GB ram/1 TB HDD/DOS/2 GB graphics) ,Portable computer incorporates a platform for your daily desires.

    This portable computer supercharged by a processor.

    Not only 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD storage add its value, But other things in addition is graphics.

    In a way that the graphics card of the notebook has a

    graphics to manage the graphical functions.

    To make it extraordinary, it’s battery and weighs are added as a revolutionary gift.


    HD Widescreen show
    Call your friends home to observe the complete Star Wars film series in  detail on this notebook That comes with 39.6 cm HD flat show display and resolution of 1366×768 pixels.

    Multitouch Touchpad & AccuType Keyboard

    Convenience is here when we use straightforward hand gestures on the multitouch touchpad to zoom, rotate or switch between apps. The island-style AccuType keyboard has technology keys that made easy to create writing fluid and cozy.

    Battery-Saving Technology
    Lenovo’s Energy Management technology ensures that this notebook never dies 4-cell battery operates optimally for an extended time.

    It additionally ensures that you simply use a laptop, computer for extended periods with inbetween charges.

    Simple Maintenance

    Security safeguard is OneKey Recovery feature of this notebook and will quickly get over technical difficulties, therefore the effects of bound viruses reduces to an extent.

    Ample Storage
    Store various episodes from comedy shows, games, music and documents on the  HDD of 1TB.

    Thanks hope everyone likes it

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