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7 Google Maps tricks every one should use



Google Maps

Google has been a great part of our lives for many years now. Whether it is searching or youtubing, emailing or cloud storage, Google has got our back every time. Google has given us one more such feature, Google Maps to access every part of this huge world.

Though Google Maps is available for every device you have in your side pocket but of course not in ios users. But they can download it too!

Yes! Google Maps has made this huge world really small place.

One of the search giant’s has baked in features that are not available in competing for navigation services.

Here, we list out 7 tricks of Google Maps that you can use to make your mapping experience creative and great.

Offline maps


Google Maps has brought that offline feature to have the section of the map whenever you are out of your cellular data or Wi-fi. The biggest advantage of having Google Maps is that you can download a section of the map. You can use your old smartphone as a GPS in your car or bike.

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The app gives a horizontal selection tool on the ‘Offline maps’ section and will also notify you of the amount of space or storage which has been used. The downloaded maps can later be automatically updated whenever you are connected to Wi-fi.

Set your default address

Now, that you’ve downloaded your maps offline, let us help you set up the basics — your home and work address. Adding your home and office locations has a dual benefit.

For one, it helps in quickly beginning navigation. Also, while you’re at work, you will be given alerts of traffic conditions7 Google Maps tricks every one should use on the routes back home.

Share my location


Where are you? I can’t find you.

Wait let me send you my location!

Yes! Google Maps has provided that liberty now to send your current location to your friends and relatives.

We do have friends who find it difficult to get to your location. Google has solved this by introducing the ‘location sharing’ feature. It allows you to share your location with your friends in real-time through the Google Maps app for a particular time period.

So, this feature can be useful for those who find it difficult to convince their friends that they are where they say they are.

For example- You always share your location in WhatsApp whenever receiver wants it.

Places and business nearby


Google Maps has provided you that extra notch to facilitate you with information about different places like restaurants, hotels, fuel stations and so on.

It might happen that you have nothing stocked up in your kitchen, and you suddenly get a call from a distant relative who says that they are coming to visit you.

Or take an instance that you’re stuck in the middle of the highway, with your car running low on gas. With Google Maps, it’s easy to search for shops or petrol pumps.

Just like the normal Google search engine, your keywords will lead you to the right results, right places at right time.

Single-handed zoom

Fed up of swapping two fingers on the screen to zoom in?

Google got your back!

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Zooming in on the map while you’re driving can be a little difficult. So, double tapping on the section of the map that you want to drive into will automatically zoom into the map.

To continue zooming in, you can double tap again on the screen, but ensure that your thumbs are still on the screen.

Train and Bus schedule


Google Maps in India includes timings for trains and bus services operating in your city.

When searching for routes to your destination, you can filter the results to include different modes of public transport. The bus routes, the subsequent stops and the duration of your travel are updated according to your routes.

If you are looking for any train or buses from your current location, Google Maps provides you the optimize solution everytime. It will give you the details of trains and buses departing or arriving at your nearby places where you can jump off to.

Track my movements

It happens a lot of times that you go to someplace and forget the route just because your brain is messed up with loads of things. Don’t worry, as Google Maps has a history of your movements every single day.

Just hit to the Maps, and then head to the Timelines.

Here, Google Maps shows you the places you’ve been and the routes you’ve taken. It also makes sure that you can update or delete data that Maps may have captured wrong.

Though Google can’t provide you with 100% accuracy rate every time, but in coming years it will surely get higher and higher.

So here we end the list of Google Maps you can use everytime you start a journey now.

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Google app that boomed the social market




Many of you are familiar with the name google, It is common nowadays because everyone uses google app in their daily life, just think how these apps have made our life simpler than before. Now if we don’t get or find any direction to our preferred location we use google maps, If we want to transfer money we use the Tez app by Google which eases the way of transferring money to any bank account directly to receiver bank account with zero service charge.

Today it has become a part of our daily routine to use google apps. I will discuss many google apps that really influence us or any part of society it may be doctor, engineer, businessman or students.

Below are the best app by Google

1.Google duo

Video calling app launched by Google.



  • Offers excellent clarity and high-quality voice and pictures transmission.
  • Simple, easy and reliable to use with one tap feature for video calling with a simpler interface,
  • Offers great experience of video calling with wifi on the go feature.
  • Provides a feature that will show a video preview of the person who is calling you.
  • If no one answers your call, you can leave the message for call back and share whatever you want to share.
  • Also comes with voice call feature that is without video call, So Two people can connect easily.
  • Supports both on android as well as ios that is apple phone.

2.Google Tez

Most trusted payment app by Google, favorite for Indian user.


  • Built up with all great feature, for every transaction google reward scratch card if offered which contain scratch card up to Rs 1000.tez
  • Makes every transaction simpler, allows to pay rent, send money to an account of any bank and mobile recharge feature is also available.
  • Easy to send money with zero percent processing fee. Money is credited and deposited directly to a bank account,
  • BHIM UPI feature used to send and receive money comes with various featured offers for every need.
  • Shop, recharge feature is also supported, pay monthly bills easily.
  • One can send money even the contact is not located in a contact list of Google tez.
  • Reward up to Rs 100000* for every transaction, on winning directly credited to bank account.
  • Supports all bank that is connected with BHIM UPI.Including SBI, Axis Bank, IDBI bank etc.
  • Money is sent without sharing any private detail, comes with an added security feature.

3.Google Map

All of we use google map to find the direction in our daily life.


  • Used to find direction when we struck in any location in the
  • Get real-time traffic updates faster and easier and beat the traffic on the go.
  • Real-time transit information is provided when you travel by bus, train or any public transport.
  • Easy rerouting is available when there is heavy traffic, any accident or incident or any roadblock.
  • Discover new events activities happening near around you and nearby restaurant are visible.
  • Get updates of new shops or restaurant opening around your area.
  • Get a review from the previous visitor who visits the restaurant previously, when visiting any new place or business.
  • Also allowed to follow new places that are rated by experts that are google local guide.
  • Offline feature to access map and location even without internet connection.
  • Nowadays new feature is unlocked that are indoor view and street view of places, but recently few places are updated in this tab.
  • Currently running in 220 plus countries including India.
  • Now Local guide feature is available through which anyone can become a local guide.
  • A local guide can suggest and edit any given address or business and add or remove places and can post any edit to place.
  • The local guide can post photos and review & earn reward and badges for the work done by you.


According to me everyone or the maximum of the world population are familiar with youtube. Its a platform of study, entertainment, humor, lifestyle and various other things.



  • Anyone can watch the favorite channel on the go.
  • Easy to access which video you have watched and liked from my profile tab.
  • Everyone can Easily share videos and connect with the people through likes and comments.
  • Easy editing before uploading is available.
  • Great platform to learn and a good platform for the students who are preparing for some exam or they can just clear their doubts easily when access to a teacher is not available.
  • Easy entertainment feature is available that can be accessed from anywhere to everywhere.
  • Great platform for earning for some user who shows their skill through teaching or comedy or music editing and uploads their videos.

More of such apps are there and I am giving the short description about some of them.

Google drive-

  • Easy to store with a phone or any device.
  • Up to 15 Gb storage capacity.
  • Data remain safe and password protected.
  • Reliable and easy to access from anywhere.

Google translate, Keep, sheet, google trips etc.

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Top 6 printer that really save your cost




As we have moved towards younger generation, everything becoming or moving towards digital world.

Maximum of things can be moved in phone storage / hard disk that we use in computer desktop,  Laptop that makes it easy to access from anywhere.

But maximum of data still needed to be printed because there are very fewer people who are fully digitalized.

If we take the education sector many things like books, notes, and question paper are still in paper form or hard copy so there is great demand for the printer as well.

As our technology is growing we expect low-cost printing and many of low-cost printer will be introduced.

I am listing some printer that had a boom in the market

1.HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4535


  • Multifunction printer and comes with an option of print, copy, and scan.
  • Hp Deskjet is wireless printer means that print can be taken from any corner of a house if you prefer it for home purpose.
  • Comes with a print speed of 9.5 page per minute in black ink and 6.5 page per minute with color ink.
  • Generally comes with a function of automatic two-sided copying and printing that is duplex printing.
  • It comes with 5.5-inch touchscreen display function that makes printing easy.
  • A cartridge has a capacity of printing 150-180 pages with color ink and 480-500 pages with color ink and becomes economical because of low cost per page.
  • It is available eCommerce store at price of 9000.

2.HP DeskJet 3835 All-in-One Ink Advantage Wireless


  • It comes with a feature that is mobile friendly printing. Smartphone & tablet can  easily connected.
  • Comes with features that are copy, print, scan and extra feature is a fax.2-12
  • It comes with wifi feature making printing easy and convenient.
  • Printing speed is 8.5 page per minute in a black cartridge and 6 ppm in color cartridges.
  • It can print up to 1000 pages at one-time refilling.
  • Comes with a 2.2-inch touchscreen panel for convenience in printing.
  • It comes with a feature of HP e-print.
  • Color fax is available with a limit of 100 pages in single use.
  • HP 680 ink cartridge is compatible with a capacity of up to 400 pages with black ink and 150 pages with a color ink cartridge.
  • Can be availed at any physical & online store at price of 6000 rs.

3.Epson L380 Multi-Function InkTank Colour Printer 


  • First, an important feature is that it is an ink tank printer.3-10
  • It comes with three features that are print, copy and scan.
  • Print speed is 35 page per minute in black and 18 page per minute in color.
  • Bundled with a feature of one-touch copy and scanning.
  • It gives the lowest cost of printing that is 8 paise for black ink and 20 paise for color ink cartridge per page and hence very economical.
  • Can be availed in market & online store under 11000 rs.

4.HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 All-in-One Wireless Color Inkjet Printer with ADF


  • It comes with a feature of print, copy and scan and fax and inkjet technology.
  • It has a printing speed of up to 35 pages per minute.
  • Usually preferred for small business.4-10
  • It comes with HP capability.
  • Comes with a feature of wifi connectivity and auto wireless connectivity for easy and convenient printing.
  • Comes with touchscreen display of 2.7 inches for easy printing.
  • Has a duty cycle of 18000-20000 pages on a monthly basis.
  • Comes with feature that is USB slot in front side, automatic document feeder, easy printing from mobile device, duplex printing is well supported.
  • It is easily available at the price of 7000-8000 Rs.
5.Canon E560 Multifunction Wireless Ink


  • It comes with a feature of print, copy and scan and fax.
  • It comes with wifi and USB for connectivity to a device.
  • Comes with a print volume of up to 400 pages.
  • Printing cost becomes economical, has a low-cost operation that is 800 pages and 400 pages from black and color cartridge.
  • Android & Apple device can be easily connected with printer for printing preferred document or picture directly from device.
  • Also comes with wireless connectivity through wifi and auto power on/off feature.
  • It supports easy and automatic 2 sided(duplex) printing.
  • Can be availed price under 7000rs from any physical or online store.
  • 6-2
6.Epson L455


  • Comes with high-performance output capacity and economical printing solution.
  • Ultra low-cost printing with cartridges is offered by Epson L455 printer.
  • It comes with package containing 3 ink bottle of color ink and 1 ink bottle of black ink.
  • Efficiency of printing is up to 8500 pages from black ink and 4500-5000 from color ink bottle.
  • Easy printing through wifi is supported that can be accessed through phones and tablets.
  • Large display with touchscreen features and memory card supported that enables to print even without PC.
  • Comes with Eco tank with Large capacity of ink bottle.
  • Prints high-quality print and comes with easy duplex printing features that enable two-sided printing and saves paper.
  • Copy speed is 33 page per minute for black ink and 18 page per minute for color ink.
  • Can purchase from market at price of 9000 rs, be ready for economical printing.

Thank you very much for reading the post, if you have any suggestion and question feel free to ask.

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The Next Big Thing in Blog Earning Tips




Everybody of us are very curious to know, How we can earn by using our skill through our laptop, tablets, and computers. Today I am going to tell, What are blogs? How to earn using blogs, affiliates and Google Adsense.

How did they get this name? What are methods to make a real income using blog and website? How can we earn using some tactics or tricks?

The first question arises when we hear something named blog.

What is a blog?

It is generally a page or website run by an individual or a group that update information and share on a particular topic or an event. They are generally written in conversational or informal voice. Previously it was called as weblog, where an individual writes about day to day events.

Later it became a blog and it became a platform for marketing and marketer recognize a great scope of business using blogs.

Next question is-


How blogger make money?

Generally, blogger earning by CPC that is a cost per click and PPC called Pay per click. In this ads are displayed on website or blog and any reader visiting the blog may click in ads or banner shown in the website. And if a reader clicks on this, a blogger or site owner will get earning for every click.

Tips or platform or methods of earning through blogs are-

  1. CPM marketing
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Direct sale of ads
  4. Selling services
  5. Sell sponsored blog post

CPM Marketing

The first thing we get is CPM marketing. In CPM advertiser want to put their ads on that blog which have good reader base and Here comes a platform Google Adsense , Since advertiser could not deal directly with blogger.

Google AdSense is generally a program started by Google that allows publishers under Network of Google content sites to provide an image, video, or media advertisements that are targeted to audience or readers who visit the site for content.

AdSense is a mostly used technique for monetizing blogs.

However, it does not pay a lot of cash.

For one, advertisers will not pay premium rates to succeed in a low range of individuals. So they pay so much lower rates than in printed form.

On another way of that Google takes a large fee on every sale, therefore the blogger is left with a small financial gain from CPM advertising.

It is out and away, the best thanks to monetizing a journal — all you have to do is register for AdSense.

However, as a result of this really easy task It is additionally the smallest amount profitable.

Affiliate marketing-

An affiliate marketing is an automatic program that involves an advertiser and recruiting website. The website owner as affiliates places the company’s advertisements on the individually owned websites. The advertisements in affiliate programs are joined to any owner websites and are referred to as affiliate links.


Affiliate marketing, generally a method from which product or service are recommended to your audience using tracking links and affiliates gets referring commission for every sale of product after each click on tracking link.

Example– Affiliate marketing can be such, when you refer some app to an individual that will be used for money transfer, App owner gives you commision for each registration.

Similarly, many products and services online have affiliate referral programs that anyone can join. Affiliate programs are available for every industry.

The most economical thanks for generating cash is to sell a product. You supply one thing individuals need and from that they offer you cash in exchange for the merchandise or service. It works extremely well within the physical world, it will work well online too. The only thanks to selling things are via Affiliate deals.

Affiliate promoting works in very easy manner, you discover retailers that have Affiliate programs so register on it. The distributor then provides you with code that you use to post the links on your website. Once you drive traffic, so sales to the distributor you get a commission. It is extremely an easy referral.

However, it will bring you much more cash than CPM advertising as a result of which individuals are literally shopping for one thing and You’re facilitating that sale.

A company that offers affiliate marketing are-

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Snapdeal
  • Alibaba (UC Union)
  • Paytm
Selling product-

Selling merchandise is one of the best approaches of creating or we say generating cash.

If you are searching for higher commissions than affiliate selling or say CPM selling.

The Best way you have got an audience which is interesting or able to purchase, you will attempt another monetization practices.

By re-selling e-commerce merchandise you will earn vast commissions.

Difference between reselling and affiliate selling is that-

Once reselling you the blogger take most of the responsibility.

You have got to plug the merchandise, show the merchandise method payment for the merchandise. (Though nearly always you will realize somebody else to ship the merchandise)

That takes the burden off the merchant and suggests a larger commission for you.

Re-selling on e-commerce merchandise is not for everybody. However bloggers with giant audiences will realize its rewardability.

You can also earn by inducing particular referral links in a keyword of your post and

if anybody clicks on the post it redirects it to your app or

a site where a reader can buy a product or service.

Remain connected with me in future,I will introduce you for most effective methodology to increase your earning using blog.

At last, I salute to some of the top Bloggers of India who have made

their passion as a profession and they are on top.

  • Amit Agarwal (Owner of the pioneer of Indian blogging)
  • Faisal Farooqui (Owner of Mouth shut)
  • Harsh Agarwal
  • Srinivas Tamada
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